My History as a Teacher & My Favourite Subject

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Teaching is something I have always been passionate about. From a very young age, I have been experimenting on teaching and classroom activities.

While most people won't desire to be classroom teachers, to me, it is and should always be considered one of the most noble profession till date.

With the above out of the way, you may wonder, I want to reiterate that as a lad, I have always fancied teaching and, maybe, wanted to be the center of attraction like a classroom teacher.

I can vividly recall my first teaching experience as a lad, about 12 to 13 year old (I gathered some kids around, made a make-shift classroom arrangement in which I improvised on almost everything required for a standard classroom).

You know what I taught about? Trust me, it wasn't English, Maths, or anything else other than "personal hygiene". In fact, after that teaching experience/activity or encounter, most people around would call me (refer to me as) "Personal hygiene" instead of calling me by my personal name.

You know, I didn't bulge when people called me by that title, it was something I did for fun; moreover, as an aspiring teacher, it would be a good thing to from an early stage get use to name-calling, so, there wasn't any issue.

With time, my class grew from a few students to more students, and from simply teaching personal hygiene to becoming a master of all subjects. I had no choice, than to accept my new found fate. It felt good. At least, I taught out of passion and not for the pay, and as a child, it was few of the fulfilling things I can remember myself taking part in.

Time went by, I kept on teaching. In fact, during my post-secondary school period, I worked at as a teacher. I went back to my primary school and applied as a classroom teacher and was employed. Moreover, a neighbour, requested that I help her conduct home lessons with her kids, and I didn't hesitate to that request.

It was fun and rewarding working as a teacher at a very young age. So, by the time I got admission to college, I was already someone with a wealth of teaching experience.

Too much long talks? My preamble I believe was too much of a context, but back to the main subject of focus. What subject would I rather teach as a teacher? What would be a favourite classroom subject for me?

Remember my first teaching class, it was on personal hygiene, and that was under the subject: Physical and Health Education, sometimes, called Health Sciences. That would be my favourite subject to teach. Here are some reasons for this:

  1. Relatively easy to prepare a lesson on as it doesn't require so much subject mastery like subjects such as Maths and English.
  2. Physical and health education's classroom seems more engaging to me than the traditional classroom. Especially, considering the fact that you don't need to do much writing on the board, as a good teacher can pass on knowledge and skills on health and physical education through discussions and practice.
  3. My passion for this subject area was evident in my secondary school graduation exams called WAEC, in which I had an "A" in this subject area. This led me to pursue a diploma course in Community Health, and thereafter, a Bachelors degree and Health and Safety Education.

From the first day I thought "personal hygiene", I haven't stopped. In fact, during my studies for a Bachelor's degree in Health and Safety Education, I worked as a content developer, and my focus was on contents around Physical and Health Education, here are some of my works:





No doubt, I had fun teaching physical and health education. I've even taught briefly in a Catholic missionary school (but that is a story, for another day).