Posting from the New UI & Some Bug Reports

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2 months ago - 2 minutes read

Been a while I posted. Since the recent and maybe, ongoing debacle surrounding AI, I've been off-the-chain, since all attempts to share my thoughts has undergone some form of censorship or the other.

However, I want to go against the norm. As some one committed to the Leofinance movement, and what LEO is set to become on Hive and off-the-chain, it would be too bad to leave at this moment when things are shaping up greatly and Leofinance is enjoying massive growth and high-rising adoption. So, today I set out to try posting from the new Leo UI which is still in Alpha. In essence, I am making a whole long form content from alpha.leofinance.io.

What has the experience been like?

Honestly, I must commend the Leofinance team for so much work they have put into this. The new UI looks very polished and show evidence of active development. At least, the tags have been expanded to 10 instead of 5 as it was at the early stages.

The new UI is also frankly, more intuitive, and won't be a hassle for anyone to use, whether they are new to the chain, or old hands on the chain already.

Also, I appreciate the fact that most important interacts are simply a click away, especially when blogging from a PC. For example, one can easily manage how the rewards can be distributed, add beneficiaries, and more.

Something New? Or Have Been There?

I also just noticed that you can provide a unique permlink to your post when creating it. Has this been a feature all along? This is one of the things SEO aficionados really crave for and it is good to see it here.

It is a nice addition "if it is new", or maybe, a nice revelation, "if the new UI just made it more prominent".

To Leofinance

@khaleelkazi | @leofinance | @leo.voter | @steem.leo | @gerber

Sincere apologies for not being able to complete my assignments (Leo Magazine & Some Leo.Tasks). I am working really hard to get back on track. Please y'all be patient and kind as always. And maybe, give me professional advice as experienced fellows on how to quickly get back on track.


It is a good thing that Leofinance is moving on a growing progressively, and it is a good thing. More important is that they have not allowed themselves to be distracted by trivialities, but bent on reaching a more noble goal.

Bug Report Time

Add chunk of texts not separated by spacing or paragraphing alters the markdown editors appearance. A very common example is adding a link.

Here is what my markdown editor looks like before adding a link:

Here is what my markdown editor looks like after adding a link:

The problem is simple, the new text editor seems unable to wrap links just like texts. It is inconveniencing, but not much a deal breaker.

But here is a deal breaker:

The image upload experience is not the most pleasant at least for me. Sometimes, images just keep uploading indefinitely with no end in sight. However, from other front ends, upload is smoother.

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