Stake-Based curation on Leo Finance

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Leo Finance has a new curation system, we call it Curation [Revamped] 2.0

This system is simple to measure and to follow once you read it a couple of times and you understand how it works. If you want to know the details of the whole curation process, you can click here.

This post is to explain one of the bullet points in this post, the one that depends on how much Leo Power a Lion holds.

Stake Based Curation

There are several Pride Ranks on Leo Finance - we are working on this name, we don't fully love it. These ranks depend on how much Leo Power the Lion has. This Leo Power has several use cases within the LeoVerse, one of them and perhaps the most important is the right to get curation assessment.

This doesn't mean that the Lion has curation guaranteed by @leo.voter, but holding Leo Power gives them a direct line to the Stake Based Curation process.

The current Pride ranks are:

Rank | Leo Power -|- Kitten | 1,000 Newborn Cub | 2,000 Cub | 5,000 Lion | 15,000 Leader of the Pack | 50,000 Apex Lion | 150,000

As you can see, it is pretty easy to get to Kitten or Cub level at the current price of Leo. We included these pride ranks into the curation system because we don't want to gatekeep curation, we want to support every author that support Leo Finance by buying and staking $LEO$0.050 tokens. Bear in mind that having this direct line to our curation team doesn't guarantee any votes, it's just the right to submit publications.

How does Stake-Based curation work?

Every day, three times a day, @leogrowth will post a Thread using the tag #leocuration asking for worthy post submissions from the Lions. In this Thread, anyone with at least 1,000 Leo Power can submit a post for curation assessment by the team.

This post should not be older than 12 hours and it must be completely original content.

Rank | Posts per month -|- Kitten | Two Newborn Cub | Four Cub | Six Lion | Eight Leader of the Pack | Ten* Apex Lion | Ten*

Then, the Leo Finance curation team will check their lists and see how many posts the Lion has submitted. If the Lion already submitted the limit established by their role, their post will just simply be ignored.

The amount of posts per month that a Lion can submit depends on their Pride Rank. Check the table to the right:

*Leaders of the Pack and Apex Lions can submit other Lion's posts, and there's no limit to the amount of posts they can submit for curation. That's probably one of the biggest perks of having one of the two highest ranks in the pride. These Lions have basically the chance to opt-in into being Leo curators just by having a massive amount of Leo Power.

Criteria to get curation

As we mentioned above, having this direct line to the curation team does not guarantee any votes, and if a Lion submits a post that doesn't fit our curation criteria, this submission will still count towards their monthly limit.

There are some rules to submit a post for curation, the article must be:

  • Original content
  • Posted on the Leo Finance community or using the tag #leofinance.
  • Money-related topics (more on this topic in a couple of days, we'll include a link here to that post).

After a post is submitted, in order to get curated by @leo.voter and the oracle accounts, which distribute a ton of $LEO$0.050, the Lion should follow the following guidelines - these are not rules, a post can get curated even if it doesn't follow all these guidelines.

Each criteria has a score:

  • Correctly Sourced if applicable - 2 points
  • Original style and writing quality - 2 points
  • At least 750 words long - 2 points
  • Use Leo Glossary - 1 point
  • Publication optimized for search engines (SEO) - 1 point
  • Include a few sourced images - AI is allowed - 1 point
  • Original topic - 1 point

Bonus: The author can share that post on Twitter and get extra points (more details soon)

Depending on the overall score of the post and @leo.voter's voting power, Leo Finance will curate the post accordingly.

As you can see, it is very clear how Leo Finance will curate throughout the Stake-Based curation process.

If you have Leo Power, be on the lookouts for @leogrowth's Threads!

This post will be used to guide anyone who asks about the curation Stake-based curation process and it will be updated, modified and/or changed without previous notice. There will be an announcement by @leogeowth about any change done.