Radically Improving the Filtering Experience on Hive & LeoFinance

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4 days ago - 2 minutes read

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We are consistently pushing the boundaries to redefine the user experience for Web3 on LeoFinance & Hive! This clip explores the incredible potential of LeoFinance's new features that open up our platform to a whole new demographic: short-form content creators and consumers.

Our first breakthrough is the rollout of Version 1 of our filtering options. This user-friendly feature offers the ability to sort content through tags and even hide threads to curate a personalized feed. Each user can now build a unique browsing environment, selecting their favorite hashtags, prioritizing content types like polls, and even selecting specific user posts based on their LEO power.

We've also made an exciting announcement about LeoCache, a new feature that will work similarly to LeoInfra and Lightning. Acting as a backend database, LeoCache securely stores user data and filtering options, paving the way for a more personalized and seamless browsing experience.

The spotlight feature we're introducing is our revolutionary 'For You' page, an ingenious solution to content overload and one that has never been built on Hive before.

Filter out irrelevant content while still receiving preferred content from specific accounts with this bespoke algorithm. The power to tailor your Leo Finance experience is now in your hands. Watch this video to understand these thrilling developments and how they could redefine your journey with LeoFinance, Hive and beyond!

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