[SNAPSHOT] Splinterlands GIVEAWAYS #325 // not more than $0.141 // CARD OR HSBI

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What does "SNAPSHOT" mean here?

If you usually hear the word SNAPSHOT when you will get tokens for free through Airdrop. This time, SNAPSHOT is "capturing the current amount of rewards earned from yesterday's post (or 2 days before) ".

How does this GIVEAWAY work?

  1. When I want to make a GIVEAWAY post for today, I will screenshot the current Reward amount from the previous day's post. (and include it in today's post as proof)

  2. 30% of the total reward will be the prize for this giveaway (of course in the form of cards)

  3. I will choose 1~3 cards that cost not more than the prize amount for today's GIVEAWAY (using Peakmonsters)

    • if you are not interested in the card I chose, you can choose your own as long as the price is not more than the prize amount for today's GIVEAWAY.


$0.47 x 30% = $0.141

Available Cards to Choose for Today's GIVEAWAY

|https://d36mxiodymuqjm.cloudfront.net/cards_by_level/reward/Djinn%20Chwala_lv1.png|https://d36mxiodymuqjm.cloudfront.net/cards_by_level/reward/Vampire_lv1.png| |-|-| |low buy $0.139|low buy $0.138|


How to Participate

  • You just need to write your IGN in the comments (if it's different from your HIVE username)

    • Also write down what card you want in the comments.
  • There is only 1 winner in each post.

  • You can tag some users who might be interested in this giveaway (although I can't give you anything in return), but with that maybe the number of rewards will be even greater and the cards you get will be more varied.

  • GIVEAWAYS will be held Every Day (or it could be only on Weekday)

image.png That was the post about the latest GIVEAWAY that was held, hopefully, this GIVEAWAY can continue without any problems.

And for you guys, thank you for visiting and participating in this GIVEAWAY. See you in the next post.



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