LEO Tokenomics

(Re) Introducing the LionFund! This is my mission!

Sidenote This may be feel like a dejavu to some. And that's bec

CakeDeFi celebrates the Olympics - Get $50 in $DFI!

Hello HODLers, CakeDeFi has been around for a while now (since 2020) and many users might have been quite doubtful at the…


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#91 How To Add Value To A Real Estate Deal With Raj Tekchandani

Getting Into Real Estate Was An Ac I talk to Raj Tekchandani where I wanted to know how he got into real estate in the first place. He…

The Dark Side of Crypto - Money Laundering

When you heard the term “Bitcoin” about a decade ago, it was mainly associated with the illicit activity from within the dark web. As an…

Input needed: What do you think about a token 'linked' to my future trading profits & backed by HBD?

Hello everyone, This is something that I've been thinking about lately. And as the title asks, what do you think about a token linked to…

Cake Defi has increased their bonus to a massive $50 of free DFI

The Cake Defi bonus has been one of the best ones out there for a while, and it has now just got even better for new customers and for…

Introducing Burn Bot 9000 - Self-Sustaining LEO Burning Bot

What is Burn Bot 9000? Burn Bot 9000 is an automated bot that burns LEO. Every LEO it receives whether from a burnpost or…

5 skills I've acquired thanks to a scarcity mindset

The glass doesn't always have to be half-empty! I know that having a scarcity mindset

Did You Receive 150 000 MNEB ? Beware it's a Scam!

Did You Receive 150 000 MNEB ? From what I gathered around MNEB or Minereum BSC is a new crypto token that has sent millions of address's…

Stable coins announce their backing as community calls for more transparency

Source Stable coins, everyone's favourite go to when markets begin crashing. Digital assets pegged to a fiat currency the most common…

Don't underestimate the power or potential of Hive blockchain

Yesterday I saw a post on my @ecency #dapp someone give #upvote to this post and his single vote have value almost $.60 in hive rewards…

AXS-BNB Vault in Cub Finance? A Great Opportunity

Probably you have heard about the Axie Infinity boom lately. The game is getting a lot of attraction because is one of the best and…