LEO Tokenomics

Christine Lagarde: Ignorant, biassed and factually incorrect

Direct from the desk of Dane Williams. Questioning why the mainstream financial media allows tho

HIVE crypto price doesn’t matter... yet

Direct from the desk of Dane Williams. A look at why in my phase of wealth accumulation, the HIVE c

Are algorithmic stablecoins dead?

Direct from the desk of Dane Williams. Contrary to the mainstream narrative, the answer is no. Algorithmic st

Leave Terra (LUNA) to die in peace

Direct from the desk of Dane Williams. Like a wounded animal in the crypto jungle that we choose to play in

ASK LEO: Will you use the new Terra fork if it happens?

We all know by now what has happened to the LUNA/UST ecosystem. But the real interest is what happens next. There are a number of…

Osmosis pivots to bridged Ethereum assets.

Osmosis has reacted to the collapse of LUNA and its stablecoin token UST, by pivoting LP rewards to USDC, DAI and ETH pools (paired with…

Over 100% APR PSPS Polycub Farm and Expectations

Development on Polycub are on steroids these days, particularly with the addition of pSPS into the farming options. Just a few hours ago…

Stablecoin Bad News Continues? 7.5 Billion in Tether Redeemed?

Stable coin Bust? The fear, uncertainty and doubt about stablecoins continues, as investors have been redeeming USDT or Tether, the US…

Breaking News: RobinHood Announces Mult-token Self-custody wallet in RobinHood 3 Mobile

Robin Hood Announces the imminent release of it’s multi-token, multi-blockchain, self-custody wallet! This Big New has cryptocurrency…

The Gemini Dollar Stablecoin: GUSD, is it the best dollar backed stablecoin?

Stablecoin information article one: Gemini Dollar. Gemini Dollar ERC20 token minted on the Ethereum blockchain. It is backed…

Now it is really ready!

Dear friends here we are! After the first beta release with just one lottery, now we updated with 4 different lotteries, which are the…

Terra Luna Rest in Peace

Bury it and move on. My condolences to those who lost money on Terra Luna and UST. I understand their hope of redemption and…

Celebrating Bitcoin Pizza Day: Important Lessons to Learn

Hello Everyone!!! I hope you are having a great time over there? It's really nice to see you visit my blog today and I must say I'm really h

Mainstream begins to gain faith in Bitcoin

Image Source Mainstream begins to gain faith in Bitcoin Bitcoin has be

Will Luna rise again, we explore some interesting developments

▶️ Watch on 3Speak **Will Luna rise again, we explore some intere

The Crypto Prophecies: un juego de trading que seguramente no conocías

La historia de los simuladores de trading es relativamente corta si la comparamos con otros juegos de estrategia basados en el…


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