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BixieInfinity Airdrop !

Here's an airdrop you probably don't want to miss! Meet bixie infinity. It's like Axie Infinity but for BSC: Just register with an…

Alchemist Nation Projects I Have Set For 2022

Finding The Time To Create Assets Over the last decade as an entrepreneur, I have gained so much knowledge from real life experiences…

Hive Twitter Campaign: Let’s Get Hashtag #billiondollarhive on Trending on Twitter!

Hive Token MarketCap Surpassed 1 Billion Dollars! Tell the Twitterverse use hashtag #billiondollarhive ! This is a beautif

Hive…the first Billion Dollar Marketcap Social Media Platform on a blockchain?

Hive the first billion dollar market cap social media platform on a blockchain.., ..the Hive Blockchain. Yes there it is on…

01 Achieve Anything By Focusing on One Thing - Names On Deeds

The secret to success is what you focus on. But more in-depth. It's what you don't focus on. It's what you ignore. Ignorance is the key to…

Leofinance and Hive: Publish, Read, Engage and Earn HIVE and LEO tokens - Step By Step Guide

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source I can say now the year 2021 has 30 days to say goodbye to all of us. This year has been like any other with many ups and quite a…

November Update: Crypto Periodic Return Table

Hi friends- Below is an update of the 'Crypto Periodic Table' we've been following for a few months. I intend to expand it to add more…

How to Improve Tribaldex.com to make it even better ? Just an Idea

I'm here since march 2021, only few weeks after the birth of Hive. I've accumulated everything I have on my main account @ykretz without…

We believe in Leofinance

Dear friends after we made the earthquake on SIM value, we realize people even do not take the chance to make this coin more evaluable…

Covid Rumours And Anticipated Crypto Bull, What Should I do?

IMAGE SOURCE The year will end in the next three weeks and some days, but it appears the long-anticipated Crypto Bull w

Is Tesla Ethical and socially responsible ? They need to change fast

Before Saying anything else, I'm a huge Fan of Tesla I already made few posts about this company so I w

Invitation to Buy and Hold Frodotech ($FRDX) BEP20 Token

Frodo Tech is an IT company based in New Zealand. It includes highly skilled experts in efficiently delivering and implementing advanced…