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An argument that Philadelphia, PA, USA is a growing innovation center; Missing child in Minnesota found safe with heat-seeking drone; Facebook CEO says the company will drop out if Libra doesn't pass regulatory muster; Economists win Nobel prize for pioneering experimental work; and a Steem essay describing a hike through the Marmarosh Mountain Range

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  1. Why Philadelphia’s hard-working mentality is key to its business innovation success - In this op-ed, entrepreneur and investment partner, Michael DiPiano says that Philadelphia has a well-deserved reputation for grittiness and hard work, but he says the city is underrated as the innovation center that it is. In particular, he points to the city's 1,500 start-ups, 128 local firms on the Inc. 5000 list, and the accelerator program at the University City Science Center as evidence of fast-paced innovation. He adds that the city has favorable demographics and economic conditions to keep the innovation growing.

  2. MAN USES HIS HEAT-SEEKING DRONE TO FIND MISSING CHILD - On Tuesday, a six-year old boy went missing while walking his dog in Minnesota. The community and police joined in the search for him, including a local police helicopter. Ten after he disappeared, he was found by a local reporter with a heat-seeking drone. The boy was lying in a field with his dog, Remington, about a mile from his home. Aside from being cold, the boy was healthy, and he returned home after evaluation at a local hospital.

    This local news story is embedded in the article.

  • Zuckerberg said Facebook would drop out of its controversial payments project if US regulators don't approve it - In congressional testimony on Wednesday (October 23), Facebook's CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, said that if regulators reject the plan, Facebook would be willing to drop its plans to participate in the project. The testimony, in front of the House of Representatives' Housing & Financial Services Committee committee, focused on Facebook's participation in the Libra Association. Zuckerberg said that if the project can't satisfy regulators, Facebook will withdraw from the association, even if other members continue moving forward.

  • Experimental Economists Win the Nobel Prize, and They Deserved to Win - Last week, "Abhijit Banerjee and Esther Duflo of M.I.T. and Michael Kremer of Harvard", won the Nobel Prize in economics. Using the Randomized Controlled Trial, the trio were able to analyze the effects that small-scale policy actions have on the world's poor. They have been performing research with this technique since the mid-1990s in order to find methods that improve health, increase access to schooling, or increase productivity for poor villagers in developing countries. The research technique has been criticized because the experimental design forces the researcher to focus on small-scale problems, but this article argues that big problems are the aggregation of small problems, and focusing on small-scale problems is a perfectly valid way to address big ones. Here is a 2010 TED talk by Duflo

  • STEEM Journey to the mountain range Marmarosh. Finish - In this post, @yetaras wraps up a series describing a two day hike in the Marmarosh Mountain Range in the Ukrainian Carpathians. The post also has some captivating photos of the landscape and vegetation - including blueberries and mushrooms - that were encountered at the peak. (A 10% beneficiary setting has been appliled to this post for @yetaras.)

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