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Advice from Harvard on strategic technical hiring; Apple exec says cryptocurrency is interesting & has long-term potential; WeWork IPO may be delayed to 2020, or the valuation might be cut in half; Four medical jobs that pay six-figures and don't require a PhD; A Steem post covering the construction of a secure chicken coop

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  1. Making the Right Technical Hire - Harvard's Julia B. Austin, Senior Lecturer of Business Administration, offers advice to CEOs for strategic technical hiring: (1) Prioritize skills that match product needs; (2) Overcome the desire to favor areas that mesh with your own expertise; (3) Focus hiring on long-term needs, and fill short-term needs with contractors; (4) Consider the impact that your pace of hiring has on existing staff, plan for a burn-in period while old and new staff acclimate to each other; (5) Include a candidate's "human needs" in your hiring strategy - training, mentoring, onboarding activities, etc...; and (6) Focus 80 percent of your hiring efforts on building a great hiring strategy so you can fill seats and keep them filled with just 20 percent of your effort.

  2. Cryptocurrency Has ‘Long-Term Potential,’ Says Apple Exec - Apple Pay Vice President, Jennifer Bailey, said that the company thinks the technology is interesting and has long term potential. She did not elaborate on how the company might make use of it.

  3. WeWork could cut its valuation in half to about $20 billion after intense skepticism of its business and CEO — and it might delay its IPO - According to reports in Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), WeWork's parent company, The We Company is considering a 50% reduction in valuation or a delay to 2020 for its scheduled initial public offering (IPO). The WSJ is estimating the new valuation at about $20 billion, whereas Bloomberg puts it between $20 and $30 billion. SoftBank is one of WeWork's biggest investors, and it may purchase a significant amount of shares in the IPO or else infuse more cash into the business now so the company can delay the IPO into 2020. Concerns have emerged around the company over the methodology that it used for valuation, and certain actions by the CEO that may hint at conflicts of interest - or profiteering.

  4. Four fast-growing medical jobs that pay six figures (and don’t require an M.D.) - Physician assistant - $108,610; Nurse anesthetists - $167,950; Nurse midwives - $103,770; and Nurse practitioner - $107,030. All four jobs require master's degrees.

  5. STEEM Back off poultry predators: Building a secure chicken coop - In this post, @briarch discusses the construction of a new chicken coop. The post has sections covering the design, the materials, and the particular construction details of the base, sides, and roof, along with some additional commentary. (A beneficiary reward of 10% has been set for @briarch)

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