Stolen Ethereum: Damage Control Supersedes Accusation

18 days ago
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Not even going to talk to khaleelkazi for at least a couple days. Not even going to tag him in this post. Guy has been going 100% for weeks working on this thing, and the damn plane has crashed into the mountain.

Oh no!

Who's fault is this!?
This is not a question that matters much at this point.
What are we going to do about this?


  • Hacker got like...

  • The wLEO side doesn't matter.

wLEO is dead.

At least this version of it anyway. The only way forward from here is the decentralized solution that we waived to get farther ahead... oops. This means we'll probably have to airdrop the dev fund (5M coins) onto those ~800k coins that got diluted and destroyed on wLEO after the hack.

Still leaves the ETH side.

This is the problem, because we can't print ETH. I hear money was transferred to a Binance account, guess what else I heard?


The community321 account trying to make a fake transaction of 1M coins to the @wrapped-LEO bot?


An Ethereum transaction to create 100M wLEO?? Weird.

There's a lot of evidence I am not sharing.

This clusterfuck needs time to resolve, in one way or another.
Give the Founders & dev team the time to put something together.
Lots of weird evidence out there and random accusations can be made.

Let's try to avoid that and just give the situation a couple days to unfold.

I hear khal printed fake wLEO to save the remaining 120 ETH in the pool.
We'll get the official numbers later.

My take on what happened here will be omitted for the time being.

Just remember, this hack is a matter of stolen Ethereum .
LEO is pretty much #safu in this situation.

I keep wanting to say more but it can wait.
I'll just kill it here.