I decided to write a quick summary on r/cryptocurrency about the shitshow lately

in sheetit •  10 days ago 

so just figured if you wanna give me your thoughts on it, and maybe have any good ideas of what to do with r/steemit which I have control over, 10 hive to best idea.


ps. sorry not been around as much as I'd like to these past few days as I'm currently in the hospital again fighting off an acute pancreatitis infection that didn't wanna go away on its own :(

trying to curate as much as I can tho, special thanks to @hiddenblade and the @ocd team for helping get that voting power going<3

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I wrote a few responses on there too. @truthforce writing.

Will add it to this post for one I thought was good.

/u/acidyo the moderators of most reddits are complete idiots you have to keep that in mind, the longer standing ones just crave power and have it.

This is @truthforce by the way, wut up.

/r/ethtrader succumbed to it and now /r/ethfinance is where people went, /r/bitcoin is for idiots and moon lambo teenagers and good discussions are had on /r/btc now. Its the same shit here. Eventually the people who actually care about fostering discussion leave because moderating takes a lot of work and you aren't paid for it. You moderate subreddits and get nothing in return for it except making Reddit bank for their advertisements. You end up withonly power seeking controlling sociopaths in charge of subreddits eventually. Only people who want to control others would want to do this long term, its brutal work if you don't enjoy controlling others. It is a sickness these mods have that can never be taken out of them.

It is a form of free labor(what some might call slave labor) in order to grow a mega corporation larger. It is pretty messed up when you really think about it.

My usual stalker troll that follows me around on Reddit and possibly also did on Steem appeared and things escalated, oh well, not in the mood right now to pretend to be civil to his bullshit and +5 comment vote bots in 3mins. :)

get well man

Sucks :( Hope you can kick the that infection once and for all soon enough.

From the reddit:

.. how the fuck it's still listed on any exchange is way beyond me.

Yeah, and those of us lucky enough to still have our tokens at present are thinking the same whilst hoping we can get them out, to somewhere. I've conceded I'll probably lose most of what's left, if not all, but at least Hive is here.

I'd probably wait 4 more weeks with r/steemit, just to document any other drama. However, Reddit (and Steemit) have a good Domain Authority, so probably the less said on Reddit in the future the better.

Post facts about their wrongdoings on that subreddit?

Sounds good. I was seeing way more red with my revenge plans but whatever works. :p

I will dm you with better ideas.

What has happened isn't right, but I ask you to please not go with revenge. You will gain nothing by stooping to their level. Just move on at this point and show that you are the bigger person here. If Hive is truly better than Steem, we should be focusing on setting examples and showing the world that Hive is the place to be.

i too, don't like the look of revenge. it tends to backfire.

Get better soon, mate. Kick that pancreas in the nuts... oh wait, maybe better not.

I hope it is only a short hospital stay. Reddit was bought by a chinese company or so that was/is my understanding. So tron trolls have a new place to play. I guess that was old news, I just checked it was Tencent back on Feb 11 2019 I guess.

I'd say an informative sticky post about what has happened, with all the facts layed out. Information about alternatives to steem (hive basically)

Try convert people before they get invested in steem.

Focus on recovery, not on a shitshow that shouldn't have happened in the first place. But since it did happen, in my humble opinion it's better to move on from here. Focus on the future ... and let go of the past. Hive is the future, Steem is the past.

But most important is to get well again!

Good luck fighting off your infection.

Yeah, keep the page and only allow facts about the shitshow on it. Thats way better than letting it go :OD




Get well soon. Put a nice meme on steem subreddit

Get well the soonest and kick some thieves asses!

I think the best way is to remove anything Steemit related from existence. They don't deserve the attention at all. Bad publicity is still publicity. Or let people know that the community has moved on to Hive.

Get well!

be well soon!

Sorry to hear of your health issue! Hope it gets better quick. Let me know if you'd like to speak to my Traditional Chinese Medicine herbalist. They work wonders. Sending healing thoughts.

I feel like this all started way back on that hard fork about the flags! This thing has been spiraling out of control ever since then! lol too much Drama!!

Recover soon!

Well, an idea would be for you firstly to fight off that pancreatitis issue.
Once that's done, then you can calmly consider your options.
This world gets to us at times, but don't allow it to cloud your mind.
We hope that your condition will improve speedily!

Gave you a vote there. Hopefully more people see it and understand the shit thats going on.

Sorry, you’re not feeling well & hope you get better, soon.

Please, when you have time can you look into my blacklist with @hivewatcher — I’ve written, repeatedly, asking for an appeal & they’ve banned me on discord?!

It’s really frustrating and I’d appreciate your support — knowing my integrity over the years. Thanks!

cc @hiddenblade & @ocd

  ·  10 days ago (edited)

Make a post about it and ask people like @guiltyparties who are in charge of it, I don't think asking randoms that have nothing with them to do will help you out much. /acidyo

Thank you, for your response.

I took your advice, @acidyo, and made a post: https://esteem.app/hive-174578/@yahialababidi/i-m-terribly-frustrated-by-hivewatcher-and-considering-leaving-hive

Also, I do not think of you as a random person —- but rather as a friend and someone who cares deeply about the welfare of this platform, as well as @theycallmedan

I hope after my years here in good standing that I will be heard & helped — the way I have stood by Steemit & Hive when they needed a helping hand.

Harassing various people into 'helping' you is not the right approach to get unbanned and will extend your appeal timer. Remember that all HW bans are for fraud-related activities. If you've plagiarized, harassing them into helping you is not the answer. They can't do anything for you at all. Proxy appeals are not permitted and you put them in danger from other scammers should they try.

You are also not banned on any Discord.

I’m not harassing anybody. I’m appealing to friends with whom I’ve been in good standing over the years & who know my integrity as a blogger, first on Steemit & now on Hive.

I made my appeal on discord per your request (or Hivewatch) & since then, yes, I’ve been getting a message that I was banned with a turd emoji 💩

Since, I have your attention, might you kindly let me know how long the blacklist lasts, please? Thanks 🙏🏼

You are not banned and I'm fairly sure it's not even possible to put an emoji on a ban.

I know who you spoke to because I already heard about it. You got caught for fraud as you know. You need to go back to the Discord and appeal properly please https://discord.gg/JnvkJMV There is no other way to get off the blacklist except through the same appeal process everyone has to go through. That's how it stays fair to everyone. We treat everyone equally here.

Here is the response I’ve been getting for the past few days j7jd8m.jpg

Thanks, for new invite & link which worked, this time. Will head over to appeals & make my case, once more 🙏🏼

Thank you.

Cheers. I’ve been in discord channel, appeals, for one hour & still waiting for a reply. I tagged you there, too :)

Link working, now; thanks, for resending invite, @guiltyparties.

Here’s ban message I’ve gotten for a few days, following previous links:

Revenge sometimes backfires. i think you should post the facts that happened. Luke Stokes had a great video that explains everything.

Don’t worry about what’s happening now as the others are taking caring if it, health is more important. Take care 🍓🌷

A considered approach is the best, they're looking for a reaction no point in giving them the oxygen as they're just trying to bait you.

get well soon, that infection sounds pretty bad.

How much is a 100% vote from your account worth approximately?

You can highlight the info bubble on any profile for these stats.

Screen Shot 20200522 at 11.32.50 AM.png

Ok, thanks for the heads up on the info bubble.

Of course! Have a good day.

You take care of you first. Man... i sure hope that you're alright. Thats no joke.

Post HIVE content only.


We are the new reddit...

ranger brotherhood.png

Get better soon.

Get well soon buddy, wishing you well.

Get well soon fella and don't be stressing about shit as this will only add to your recovery time. Be kind to yourself

....as for what to do.....

Unlike most people here it seems, I think revenge is a very underrated and under-used response in these days politically correct and lovey-dovey fluffy days, even just planning vengeful actions in your head can bring seriously positive emotional well-being!

Whatever you ultimately decide, no doubt everyone on HIve will have your back.

Take it easy fella!

Huu hope you feel better soon man! Take your time and don't push yourself too much

Sell it. 🤑
Get well soon! 🍀

Get better soon. I know that is a complete bummer of a condition

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So sorry to hear you're not well @acidyo!
I'm really not qualified to advise of the redditt issue but as for what's happening on steem found it quite alarming when I remembered a couple of friends who are not active bloggers but merely invested when things were going well and personally advised them to withdraw asap, perhaps there are many others like myself who can warn their friends/followers?
As for the nasty pancreatitis, hope it gets better real soon, must be quite painful! I believe one's diet can also work wonders to help so try and look at what kinds of foods you should eat and what to avoid.
Just an old gal's bit of advice for what it's worth:)

@acidyo Get well soon!!

i have an idea....
why don't we have a competition to create really cool Hive videos for marketing and then fill it up there on the Steemit reddit...LOL

Get better soon!