1 Kilo lighter today

in silver •  10 months ago 

On August 6th 2014, I bought 2kg of Silver. Today, one of those bars is heading back to where it came from.

Which is a bit of a shame, but I need cash to fund the move to a new place to live. I could fill this post with a bunch of "if only's", but that's only going to piss me off more. The transaction leaves me around 10% down on a 5 year hold - I'm not sure of much else (housing, index funds, crypto), I could have bought in 2014 and be at a loss selling at the end of 2019 but it is what it is, as they say.

I'm actually tempted to sell the other as even at Silver's peak in April 2011, the bar would 'only' be worth 3 and a bit times as much. 3 X on a 5 year investment is pretty decent, but to 10 X on that April 2011 peak, you would need to have been holding the metal for seven years.

The Silver slug doing its thing

3 X / 10 X, pfffft. Screw that, I want some of those 100 X gainz. I highly doubt that in my lifetime we'll see anything close to that with regards to precious metal, and so I'm willing roll the dice on riskier assets.

Speaking of which, has STEEM bottomed out this past week? Fingers crossed.



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Geez, how much does that weigh? ;D

Does "riskier asset" mean you have a girlfriend?

Never weighed it myself but I'm hoping 1000g :D

Does "riskier asset" mean you have a girlfriend?

Playing risky, not going crazy :D

There is a "wife carrying" competition in Finland where you win your wife's weight in beer. Choose well.

It's a good job you are not so fond of Beer :)

:D She is still too heavy for me to carry.

Dude, your tabs.

This man notices the important things.


That’s just one of the browsers too! 😳🙈

Absolute filth

Shit-token collection at full tilt 😎


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I'd cling on to the other one - good to be diversified.

I went for coins for my recent silver and gold purchase to avoid the VAT.

Don't forget the old interest free credit card trick to help a temporary cash flow crisis - as long as you can pay it pack before the intro period of course!

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Yeah next time it will most certainly be coins - damn VAT is a bitch on the non-tender metal.

As long as i pass a credit check i should be OK for cash - time to start being a bit more sensible with what I collect!

I hope you are keeping well - will the shorter days bring a few more Posts out of you?

I intuitively think (What every crypto predictor on here should start their posts with) silver is going to start creeping up... steady gains I think.

I probably will start posting again, at some point, I’ve only stopped as I’m busy working on material for the other blog and learning Tableau properly. It’s all a bit time consuming. And the occasional course of course.

I’m also trying to learn Python too but am getting a bit stuck with the logic. I failed my AO maths, but then again (being logical) if i was good enough to do the GCSE in a year and get onto that course at 15 it’s probably just s bad memory hurdle I need to get over rather than any lack of ability.

Actually it’s that last reason I probably stopped posting - if I can nail the code I can do some really swanky stuff on Steem, short term posting just hampers my long term development - not to mention the potential employment prospects - there really are jobs for data visualisers out there which is what I-m aiming for.

There’s just not enough time in the day.

What is that worth, around $1,200 or so?

Much less, maybe half that.

Hmm, I looked up Silver prices and said around $565 a kilogram.

EDIT: Ahh this isn't the whole 2kg you bought.

Are American kilos the same as Metric Kilos though?

American Kilos are pounds. Kilos are the same everywhere.


Looks about right.

Are they American Bollocks? I think they are smaller.


Yup, I got good old English Pounds for mine, which are pretty weak against the dollar at present - like much else.

Nice looking bar!
Things/price may change soon but like you said, you need the cash now.

Yeah and I still have one, 'just in case', cheers :)

Nice looking bar!



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I thought you had just taken a dump or something lol. Unfortunately having the physical object and only going up 3x is not that great ,but still ok. You are right we need Steem to shift into gear to save our bacon.

All part of the click-bait plan :)

I'm hoping 2020 is the year of the saved bacon, we are due a good one!

That is a sexy scuba diving weight.

shhhh, no talking about whatsapp on the Steems :P

Damn, it’s hard to let go of silver now but I totally understand. We may have one more silver drop soon but in 5 years, I can easily see silver at $100+ 🤑

That would be 6/7x? I need 600x yo!

The way crypto’s been acting, we need 1000x 😂😅😅

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Sometimes you don't have other choice to let go!

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If only my hair looked this good :D

Sure we all have a few of those stashed around for a rainy day :-)

I knew you'd have some under your bed :P

Hell the bars!! He holds the bars! I have beer thinking about getting gold for a while now but yeah, I would want physical gold. A block of gold. But keeping that in my house? Never!! I would freak out on potential burglaries.

But damn dude...what a pity on having to return this precious baby. but yeah, a mans gotta do what a mans is gotta do

Got to keep it at your place or a trusted location or else you can’t be 100% sure that if the shit hits the fan you will be able to get hold of it.

Nevermind, crypto will do the do, sometime!

what's it taste like? curious if swedish silver tastes different then australian silver :)

Not been lucky enough to sample Austrian ‘silver’ so cannot compare 😎

fluffy marshmellows with a metalic after taste

Hmm, sounds like your candyfloss arrived on a weird stick

Sorry that you had to sell it. In Tokyo they actually have stores where you can go in off the street and just buy it. When I was there I had to just buy a couple of kilos. Just cuz.

Just cause 🤑🤑 I hope it serves you well!

Make nice paperweights ;)

Love silver. I don't have any in bars would love to stack a few kilo's under the bed.

It’s nice to hold, but hasn’t really done the business as an investment vehicle!