#SilverPornSaturday- A Silver Explosion!!! 💦💦💦

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I don't know if you guys and gals are ready for this one. These are some of my favorite in my Egyptian Collection. They are from a few different series. Without further adieu...

Let the Silver Porn Begin!!!

Egyptian God Series Ultra High Relief 2oz

Not much to say about this series. They are pure Awesomeness!!! These are a few from that series I really like. Up first we have Cleopatra. 🤤






Republic of Chad 2oz Ramesses Ultra High Relief

This is another great series in my Egyptian collection. These 2 are of Ramesses II and his After Life. These rounds have an amazing amount of detail. Take a look.




That's all for today. Next week I'll be posting more of my Egyptian collection.

This post pales in comparison to some of the other #silverpornsaturday posts I've seen today. Go check out the posts by @dfinney and @saffisara if you don't know what I mean. OH and make sure the kids aren't in the room...XXX. LOL

Have a great weekend!

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