Day 5 of December sees our reward fund for SPI/NEO sitting at 907.6579 NeoxAG tokens...

in spinvest •  10 months ago 

Providing that is close to average for the whole month, that works out to be over 5000 NeoxAG total!
Let's keep working hard to make this a great month, we could actually break 6000 possibly. The actual numbers call for closer to 5400 NeoxAG but we are estimating and I'd say between 4000 and 5000 is pretty safe bet. We awarded over 1400 NeoxAG converted into SPI last month and everyone who responded was actually fairly pleased with the payouts. I too was happy to see that it did a little better than expected. To be perfectly candid, I had no idea what to expect, but it was better than my minimum hopes for a short month. So far in December we are beating my wishes again. Perhaps by January I will have some real projections and we can set some goals. Then set up some "bounties" and award some payouts as a percentage of new members delegating levels. All a new member has to do is drop the name of their referring member, and then that member can get a one-time reward that is proportional t the new DELI brought in.

Sound Interesting??? 🤩

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Does anyone know if NEOXAG is now on auto claim on Steem-engine??
Sounds like this just started.....

Seems that it never works on the ALL IN ONE Claim, and that would jive with what I saw Neoxian say in the "City Discord"... He said all the random claim times were draining the RC of the account, so he had EonWarped make some changes. That was the once-a-day auto claim system.

Good to know thanks for the info, I was trying to claim my NEOXAG and I thought steem-engine might be down...

Just wondering if you have experienced your NEOXAG that was auto claimed also auto staked????
I want to gift other accounts so they can stake to @spinvest-neo and if all of my rewards are auto staked this will be impossible.....

go to your settings in the wallet
set for 50/50 rewards
That is the best case for liquid NEOX🥈AG

Thanks much, It’s a 50/50 like Steem rewards.....
I didn’t realize it followed the same reward model.👍

I like the idea. It is another way to bring people to @spinvest-neo. Remember that @steemmonsters did the same and everytime one of my refered buys something there (in our case adds to the delegation) I receive a 5% of what he/she bought in steems.

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I like the way you think!
Also all these !TIPS will really add up, and if we could get everyone
else doing all the little extras... BAM! Big-TimeZ 🤩🤩🤩

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