SNAPSHOT!!! ...and a few Notes on SPIN/NEO participation... 😎

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We have frozen in the rewards for November, if you were enrolled by adding DELI to @spinvest-neo you will get a payout! I will post the tentative figures here, but I suspect no changes. My bud @SSUK has the snapshot already in safe keeping, we will use that for the calculations of rewards!

Nov Snapshot.png
A keen eye will notice that it takes perhaps 100 NEOXAG to register on the SPI scale, at 0.01 SPI which is the smallest unit we pay down to. This has been the policy of Mr. SPInvest from day one, and we will adhere to this as well. BUT, since I am donating my personal stake until February 1, 2020, I will award these 'seed accounts' a 0.01 SPI then divide the rest evenly amongst the larger accounts. I would encourage all participants to get up to a 100 NeoxAG level as soon as you can, so it will move the needle next time 😎

There were over 1400 liquid NeoxAG (available for payouts) deposited into the account, and nearly 2900 'earned total' but Neoxian has a 50/50 structure. The same amount was 'powered up' so we will discuss a power down strategy once we get the community voting and such sorted. If you want a preview of how this will go down, @spinvest-leo is our template. Mostly we are different from LEO, in that we do monthly payouts.

SPIN-Neo Official Logo.png

Adding PALNET and MARLIANS to the tags, these communities keep sending tokens to my "UNDY" Account and we might as well monetize those too!


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Oh exciting 😍

Hi Shani 😋🤑😘

Yeah I hate to project too far and too much but rewards are looking Great for next month already! It's very likely we will have a tripling at least. Overall rewards that is...

Okay, that sounds very good ... so I could be earning 1 SPI a month for a very small investment in neoxian (I think it cost about £16) ... well done, thank you for the hard work 💐

1 SPI Or More...


This is all very good. Sent a little more NEO over to assist.

Great to see it all adding up.

I saw the bottom line expand, that is Great!

Using SPI/LEO as an indicator, we should be killing it by next month.
I have the curations working hard, the VP is right about where I want it!

Good numbers! I like @spinvest-neo more each day.

Cool stuff, We'll sort out your cut to be split between everyone else

I like that idea you had for that, equal split regardless of stake...
It sets my latest recruiting advert materials 🤑

Excellent, glad to see we are growing!!!
Also very nice that you will take care of the small accounts for the moment, this will encourage them to grow ......Cheers!!😀

I recently started using Neoxian in my tags so glad I did, since you found my cat post accidentally haha. I should start using Marlians as well.

Oh yeah, the old "Bait and Switch" 🤣🤣🤣
Then you got a full upvote cuz I was logged in
on the Steemit UI where this account is just a redfish!


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