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Well, I thought I had a problem seeing the DELI from everyone, but it is there. My problem (and yes it is on MY END) is tht Microsoft Edge SUCKS! It was blacking out every other name of delegators, including our #1 investor

@raymondspeaks spinvest-neo 50,000 NEOXAG 2 days ago! 💪

I am hopeful that anyone can, and will, audit my handling of the account and check your own DELI to see it on the list, make sure it is correct. I do not expect any errors in the UI but it seems the browser matters. I am using goog-iots Chrome for now.

I have been hanging out at the Underground City of Neoxian quite a bit today, lots of great folks in there! I will not drop too many names but @xawi has been a real HOOT 🦉 to annoy and tease. I see she has already delegated so I hope she chooses to stay in and gain some SPI! 😉👍

@Neoxian has given permission to use the logo and I am combining with the SPI Crown. 😋

ALMOST FORGOT!!! The Big News 🤩

We have passed 150,000 DELI! 💪


WOOOT!!! 💪👍🥇🥈🤑🎁👑🎁🤑🥈🥇👍💪

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That's a mightily impressive base to build from. Now the work begins of tracking delegations, watching vp and building the asset and income base, and buying the SPI rewards.

It can become a drag at times, but it's rewarding to be contributing and benefiting so many different groups.

  • The Neoxian tribe - sink for tokens, demand driver and use case.
  • Delegators - earn an income on their asset completely passively.
  • SPI hodlers - growth of membership base, diversification of assets, awareness, network effect.

No losers in this, a rare win/win/win scenario.

Have fun mate.

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Congratulations Mr Spinvest

Hoping you join us Soon 👍🤗👍

no problem

I will power my NEOXIAN up today and delegate it over. I didnt realize it was operational.

And yes Edge does really suck.

Welcome TASK! 👍

Always great to get another BIG Bro 🥇

Added half of my meager stake to the pool, hope it helps!


Every little bit helps, E-Dub Old Pal!

Sup holmes, you know as I was going through my little walk, you were one of my first ever votes :P


Great to have you on board, and I hope you can build your stake and reinvest and so on! Lather, Rinse, Repeat!!! 🤩 Went thru a whole bottle of shampoo until I figured out it was not exactly literal 😹😂🤣

WOW... impressive💪💪💪!!! Congratulations, @spinvest-neo! More power to you!!!! 💪👍

Thank You Beautiful Lady! 😻

Ayeeee let’s goo 💪🏻

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700 NEOXAG delegation incoming!!!

Very Nice!
My 'parent account' purchased some NEOXAG recently and afterwards the prices were up almost 6% 😉👍 I'm sure it happens when anyone purchases NeoxAG, depending on the amounts bought. This venture will promote HODLing and Buying! The cycle could be getting hot, if too many do not dump with the positive price actions...
Welcome @ecoinstant!


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thanks DUMP!

Hehe. Thanks for the honourable mention. I've been looking for projects to support!

Holly smokes, unreal start.

Glad you got your tracking sorted :)

Yes, I figured if it worked for you the problem had to be on my end. 🤣
Thanks for all the Help @spinvest!

Congratulations @spinvest-neo!
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thanx ARC!

You're welcome @spinvest-neo.

BTW, feel free to support back and vote for me as a witness if you like my work at promoting your post and all newcomers

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Let the good times begin my friend!!!

good to have U Back Old Silver 😉

Absolutely my friend, good to be here!!!👍🤗

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I noticed that you upvoted the comments of this post. Wouldn't it be a better idea, in terms of curation, to do the same thing that @spinvest-leo does, upvoting the posts of its delegators? It is an automated upvote and it maximizes the curation.

Excellent idea @ronaldoavelino!
Glad to see your in as well!!👍😊
Cheers my friend!!🤗

@ronaldoavelino that feature of Spinvest LEO is going away soon, he did that as a temporary setup and I am following his lead once I get fully operational. If LEO see a way to keep that going and still satisfying his trail(s) then so will I. It's a "work in progress" and if the trails I follow are too heavy I will not do DELI-Voting. I have to see how it works out, between satisfying the @neoxiancity community and the DELI-Gators. All that is promised is the SPI payouts, but we will do some voting if at all possible. Automated even...


Thank you for your answer.
I have a generic doubt: In terms of curation, does it matter if you upvote at 1minute, 5 minutes or 30 minutes after the article is posted? I know that, in steem, it does matter. And in NEOXAG, is it similar to steem?