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Hello all, yesterday's post has been edited to include more detailed information pertaining to each of the investment options. Please see the original post for details (posted yesterday). If you are still unsure of what an investment entails, then please hit the discord. That will be a better place to discuss things as opposed to the comments thread of the vote post. If you are still unsure, then do some research. I cannot say I have described things perfectly, as I have never played, invested, or looked into Steem Monsters before just the other day when writing up the club vote post. I apologize for any confusion that may have arose, but please bear with me on these posts as I am taking time from my day to do this for the entirety of the club.

Tagging all voting club members here so they can see this important update:
@bucipuci @coolguy123 @darkmrmystic @dwingsworld @ecoinstant @elizabethbit @ericburgoyne @erikklok @felander @flemingfarm @geke @huntforsteem @jk6276.leo @mytechtrail @oldmans @partitura @qam2112 @roger5120 @ronaldoavelino @samsemilia7 @shanibeer @shitsignals @silverstackeruk @silvertop @stayoutoftherz @sumatranate @taskmaster4450 @underground @welshstacker @yonnathang @conradsuperb

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