SPinvest Cub Vote #0006 Results and Update

10 months ago
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Hello all, I apologize for being a day late with this post. Sometimes life gets in the way and this is just the nature of the beast. In this post I will present the results from our previous club vote.

Screenshot 13.png

Our vote was centered on the amount of STEEM from savings to invest as well as what investment we would choose to invest our savings. The options were:

  • Amount STEEM From Savings
  1. 1,000
  2. 1,150
  3. 1,250
  4. 1,500
  • Investment Options to Choose From
  1. P2P lending
  2. Stocks and Shares
  3. Gold
  4. Steem Monsters Packs

Below you will see two charts for Club Vote #0006 Results

Chart 1 - STEEM From Savings

STEEM AmountNumber of VotesCumulative Voting Weight

Chart 2 - Investment Option

Investment OptionNumber of VotesCumulative Voting Weight
P2P lending00
Stocks and Shares00
*Steem Monsters Packs416


As you can see from the charts above, STEEM from Savings amount to invest in our winning investment option - STEEM Monsters Packs - is 1,500 STEEM. The first two votes from the spinvest-votes branch account have gone well in my opinion, but it appears that only a small percentage of the club is voting. Future votes will require better turnout from the entire club, as this is a club effort. Only 8 members showed up to vote for club vote #0006, which is only 28% of total club members.

Club Participation

If this trend continues, one of the future club votes will be deciding on whether a club membership shall be revoked for any members missing 5 votes in a row, by which club membership will have to be regained. There is no reason members shouldn't be voting. The club has been set up to give power to the people, so use your vote people!
Don't waste my time by not voting. I spend more time than I should by doing this for the entire club, so show the entire club some respect by taking 5 seconds to cast a vote.

I have decided that this week will be a no vote week, and we shall continue with club vote #0007 on December 1, 2019.

Please feel free to drop any comments below, your comments are welcomed.