SteemPower Investments - Weekly Holding Report #19

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Steem powered investments @spinvest has been set up to offer an investment fund based on funding from STEEM POWER. Investments are funded through extracting value out of STEEM POWER and taking advantage of STEEM's high inflation rate. The aim is not to get rich quick; the aim is to build a safe portfolio of investments that will stand the test of time while ensuring all investor's starting capital is not at risk. Full details can be found here

Holdings and Investments report

Below is a complete list of everything that @spinvest owns. I think it is time to give the table below an update to include more information. The tribe accounts are starting to hold more and spinvest-votes is not even counted for yet. Holding's this week has increased by around 1400 STEEM with all SE tokens increasing except for the ENG tokens which have seen a 40% decline in price from 5-6 weeks ago. Spinvest-neo holds around 5500 Neoxian tokens with the other 4000 being held by spinvest-leo and spinvest. This is the reason for needing to update the table. Everything is looking ok, off-platform BTC and silver have increased a little and we can see that we will hit our 1500 STEEM saving target within the next week and we will get another off-platform investment added.


SPI token holders

A few people asked to see the SPI token holders list. It can be found on steem-engine's token explorer. I'm gonna assume that might be over some people's heads and i will baby feed a click here link to make it super easy. I will post the SPI token holder list every week in this post but if you looking to see it live, the link is up there and i add the URL below if you gonna bookmark it..


Lets have a look at the SPI token true value

Now that we know how many SPI tokens are issued and the total amount of STEEM that @spinvest is worth, we can work it pretty easy.

Don't forget the SPinvest Treasure Hunt has started, get involved

SPinvest is hosting a treasure hunt for everyone on Steemit and it's tribes. Collect the letters to unlock your treasure chest. You can click here to visit the treasure hunt post and join in. All mates required on deck!!

Below are steemconnect hotlinks that allow investors to buy SPI tokens directly from @spinvest. Each token is currently priced at 1.20 STEEM and beside each link is the true STEEM cost to reduce confusion. You can also send any amount directly to @spinvest and i will issue you SPI tokens to 2 decimal places for the value of STEEM to send. All tokens bought directly will be sent to investors SE wallets within 24 hours but most likely much sooner.
5 SPI tokens - 6 STEEM
10 SPI tokens - 12 STEEM
25 SPI tokens - 30 STEEM
50 SPI tokens - 60 STEEM
100 SPI tokens - 120 STEEM
250 SPI tokens - 300 STEEM
500 SPI tokens - 600 STEEM
1000 SPI tokens - 1200 STEEM
2500 SPI tokens - 3000 STEEM


InformationURL Link
SteemPower Investments Introduction PostClick HERE
SteemPower Investments Club Partnership AgreementClick HERE
How to become a club memberClick HERE
How to convert SE tokens into SPI tokensClick HERE
Join the SPI club Discord serverClick HERE
Join the SPI curation trailClick HERE
What's best for the SPI Club? Centralized vs DecentralizedClick HERE
SPI tokens 95% buyback guaranteeClick HERE
SPI Club monthly Fiat to SPI token group buyClick HERE

All questions are welcome, please ask in the comments below

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One question - Between the tokens issued value of 65,028.93 listed and the holdings of SPI by @spinvest of 929,975.95

Adding these together, issued tokens and unissued tokens gets us to 995,003.88
If there are to be 1 million SPI, where are the 4996.12 that I am missing?

On the SE exchange buddy

D'oh! Thank you for explaining 😅!

Heya - can we delegate leo in exchange for spinvest shares?

Also, what is up with STEEM-ENGINE? I thought they were supposed to be pegged to STEEM?

Lastly, I saw that some SPINVEST shares were sold at a lower price today. Does that affect the price of the value of spinvest? Or did the person selling simply lose some value, while the person buying gain some extra value?

Hi @metzli, first point - yes. Delegation needs to go to @spinvest-leo to earn a weekly SPI payout. Check the last post from that account for more info. Make sure that if you do choose to delegate, don't put the @ symbol in when making the delegation, it stuffs everything up.

Second question, no idea...

Third question, just supply and demand, someone selling below the current price, someone else picking up some cheap SPI.

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lol. I see steem-engine tokens going down and keep wondering what happened. I guess nobody really knows "why" the market does what the market does.

Quora issued a token for 1 STEEM and they had to raise the price to 3 STEEM as that is what people were paying for it on steem-engine. They figured that if they sold more tokens at 1 steem they would crash their own market.

I see JK has you covered on LEO delegation

Yes, i seen that myself on the SE exchange. It does not affect the true value of SPI tokens at all, that person who sold basically lost all their profit and the buyer instantly gained 20%. I will buy back any amount of SPI tokens for 95% of the listed priced of 1.20 all day long :)

Is there a way to earn spinvest shares by delegating neoxian tokens? I already delegate leo, but I have neoxian tokens sitting there too.

What a smart buyer. Maybe I will put a buy order for some tokens at a cheaper price... I had seen it but didn't think anyone would fill those orders.

Thanks for taking the time to answer.

Yeah, just delegte your Neo's over to @spinvest-neo and @underground will see it and add you to the delegation list :)

And no worries, thank you for taking the time to look into SPinvest

Awesome. What's the Neo:ShareReceived?

How many Neo's do you have to delegate for it to be enough to earn shares?