Mad Discounts and Rebates Untamed cards!!

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I am writing this post on me tumbaling on @jrvacation s post. Here.

Damn amazing! I read through his post and I could not believe me eyes!!! So I had to try it for my self.

First of all Splinterlands is as of right now running a week long promotion that gives the buyers a nice juicy 10% cashback rebate (Steem Rebate)

Now I am sure a lot of you just go straight to Splinterlands to purchase some packs because you want those nice airdrops... well it turns out that you can actually buy for far more cheaper and get some cheese back.

so check this out.

Here are @jrvacation Calculations and how it can be done.

Price of 2000 DECs on SE: 4.56 Steem
Price of each Untamed pack on Splinterlands: 8.113 Steem
10% of rebate in SP (promotion): 0.8113 Steem
Rebate from @monstermarket: 0.162 Steem
Total to be paid: 4.56 - 0.8113 - 0.162 = 3.587 Steem
Total savings: 8.113 - 3.587 = 4.526 Steem (55% SAVINGS!)

Now my numbers are going to be a bit different since I bought DEC a bit more expensive then him but not by alot. Below are my numbers.

Price of 2000 DECs on SE: 5.198 Steem
Price of each Untamed pack on Splinterlands: 9.192 Steem
10% of rebate in SP (promotion): 0.9192 Steem
Rebate from @monstermarket: 0.18384 Steem
Total to be paid: 5.198 - 0.9192 - 0.18384 = 4.09496 Steem
Total savings: 9.192 - 4.09496 = 5.09704 Steem (a bit over 55% SAVINGS!)

But I will be using peakmonsters so lets see. I know my math is a bit wonky but I can see the the savings.

These are my cards that I got from the pack.

image.png Well good thing I only purchased one pack to test it out.

But sure enough I got my image.png

Go check out the savings!! @steemleo

Check out @peakmonsters!

When buying here you are actually buying directly from Splinterlands account NOT buying from PeakMonsters
Therefore you get every Splinterlands perk AND every PeakMonsters perk
Perks are: Airdrops and Maverick status from Splinterlands and Profit Sharing and purchase history from PeakMonsters
Peakmonsters gets a commission and that helps PeakMonsters AND you
We will send you a percentage of the profit we earn. The more you buy the larger that percentage is.

They offer so many perks they and @monstermarket. I support both of them.

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if I start playing this I know I wont be able to stop lol

Use my promo code if you change your mind! LOL.

It would be better if you don't buy votes, your kind of sticking out on the radar. I'm sure you don't want this kind of attention.

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I might of gone off board !! Thanks for knocking some sense.

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So far I have bought 3 untamed packs. What advantage I may have get in the future? I mean I am not aware of maverick status.

Posted via Steemleo

I should buy some packs

Where do you buy it from? I am new to Steem monsters.. 😊

Sure you can purchase here ,

Technically they are moving to ... but same referral link would work

Hmm couldn’t find the ref link for peakmonsters.