Season Rewards for Gold 1 - 30 Cards!

10 months ago
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This season I got some alright rewards for reaching Gold 1, nothing super exciting but free cards are great nonetheless. It was a bit of a grind to reach Gold 1 as my cards aren't quite maxed for the Gold league. I can still add another level to my summoner and my cards after that. Hopefully within the next few weeks I can complete this and possibly be able to reach the Diamond league. After reaching Diamond the season rewards keep getting better and better and I will hopefully reach max level for my cards eventually. It will be a long and expensive process I'm sure.

I do love this game though and I am so excited for a mobile version to be released. I heard that they will probably be removing the DEC system for the app store which is really disappointing. Hopefully they can find a workaround by not mentioning it in the app description but still crediting the DEC to the account anyways. I think this may be a possible solution which I hope they implement. Anyways, a mobile version of the game would be great as there are many times that I could play when I'm not at my computer. I believe the game would be even more active than it already is!

Here's for good times in the future for Splinterlands!

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