Market Mayhem | Weekly Update #2

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Greetings Splinterfolk!

The purpose of this series of posts is to record my journey through the Splinterlands Market and ultimately determine if it was worth it or not.

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At the beginning of July 2022, I decided to undertake a new initiative: Card Investments. There are two main strategies when it comes to card investing: Card Flipping and Rental Cards. Card Flipping is pretty straightforward, buying a card at a low price to sell at a higher price. Rental Cards are bought with the sole purpose of renting them out to make passive income. I will be focusing on the Rental Cards approach but I might dabble in trying to flip a card or two.

The card rental market is not so straightforward and can be broken down into two categories: Power Renting and Meta Renting. Power Renting are those cards that have high collection power and people rent them just to meet the power requirements for the higher leagues. Meta Renting are the cards that people actually play with to win matches. I will be focusing on buying meta cards to rent out as Power Renting has lost its value due to the change in relationship between highest achieved league and End of Season rewards.

To kickstart this initiative, I decided to sell nearly every single card that I earned from grinding daily quests and EoS Rewards in order to build enough starting capital.

Market History.png

July 2022
DateNameBuy PriceDEC
12.07.2022Scorch Fiend$3.2185,499.915
12.07.2022Torrent Fiend$3.2855,500.670
12.07.2022Fungus Fiend$3.5886,035.324
13.07.2022Corpse Fiend$3.0185,253.264
15.07.2022Soul Fiend$3.0095,251.309
17.07.2022Countess Sinash$1.8813,231.351
17.07.2022Countess Sinash$1.8803,233.070
17.07.2022Venator Kinjo$3.1835,470.952
18.07.2022Jared Scar$1.7832,992.615
18.07.2022Jared Scar$1.7812,991.266
20.07.2022Jared Scar$2.0393,306.844


  • No new buys for this week.


  • No new sells for this week.



  • Since my last update, the value of my cards has decreased by $12.54 (7.94%).
  • Unfortunately, the revenue from my rentals has also decreased by 227.561 DEC, and my yearly ROA has gone down by 26.01%.
  • Find my full card list here.

Unrealized Returns
NameCopiesBuy PriceCurrent Price+/-
Jared Scar3$5.603$5.610+0.12%
Countess Sinash2$3.761$8.180+117.50%
Fungus Fiend1$3.588$3.104-13.49%
Torrent Fiend1$3.285$3.167-3.59%
Scorch Fiend1$3.218$2.954-8.20%
Venator Kinjo1$3.183$3.890+22.21%
Corpse Fiend1$3.018$2.800-7.22%
Soul Fiend1$3.009$2.975-1.13%

My Referral Program.png

While Splinterlands does have a referral program in place, it only benefits the referrer and not the referee. Therefore, it is up to us (the existing players) to create our own referral program to help new players enter into the game. Here is how mine works:

  • Sign up for Splinterlands through my referral link here.
  • Once you buy the Summoner's Spellbook, I will receive 500 credits ($0.50) which I will use to buy DEC, cards, or both to help you start your Splinterlands journey.
  • All you need to do is comment below the IGN you used to sign up with. Once I have verified it, I will reach out to see what you would like to spend your $0.50 on and then send it over.

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