PEAK PODCAST - Catching up on Splinterlands

1 year ago
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If you ever said to yourself I wish i could listen to two heavily involved users talk for hours about Splinterlands ... well this is your lucky day!

@nealmcspadden & @jarvie ... have recorded a podcast talking about almost every aspect of splinterlands in an information overload for about 2hrs (watch on high speed if you desire)

  • Splinterlands Economics
  • Guilds
  • Thoughts on cards
  • Future speculation
  • Rental market
  • Buy markets
  • Possible features
  • Even a decent amount of lore discussion
  • etc etc


While I (@jarvie) was watching some recent videos from neal and realizing his economic insight into the game was facinating and i'd happily listen to hours of it.

I told him so and then one thing led to another and about 30 minutes later we started a LONG FORM podcast for those who really want to dive deep into Splinterlands.

We had such a good time doing it we are leaning towards branching out into other areas of Steem and blockchain ... so we'll see how it goes.

All i know is that we're willing to do some more of these and maybe bring on some other folk to chat with us.