Steemmonsters, About The Reward Edition Cards.

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Hello, everyone. I haven't posted in a while due to me just being lazy, and I don't really have any topics I have been wanting to write about.

But now I am going to talk about the Steemmonsters Reward cards.


What are Reward cards ?

Reward edition cards in the Steemmonsters game are quite special cards, because these ones can be earned unlike others.

If for other cards you need to buy packs or orbs to aquire them, then Reward cards are earned trough completing daily quests given to you if you have purchaced an starter pack.
Daily quests at the moment in the game only consist of you needing to gather 5 victories with a certain splinter (Also you are given 1 skip per day)

Here is shown how the Reward cards are distributed.
The higher your league the more reward cards you get per quest completion, and also more cards at the end of each season.
(Sorry it's such a small picture)

Thanks @Flauwy For this divider.

Reward Cards are limited !!!!

For my topic I am using this amazing Site made by @kiokizz & @kiobot that contains quite interesting info about the Reward edition cards.
On the site you can also sort by whatever topic you like.
Also as stated on the site, this might not be 100% accurate or up to date. (but it's near accurate to 100% in my oppinion)

As most of steemmonsters players already know there were already 4 Reward cards that went extinct (See from the picture, first 4 cards) due to them hiting their print limit, and they were replaced with 4 new cards.

With Reward cards
Legendaries have a cap of 10000 being printed.
Epics have a cap of 40000 being printed.
Rares have a cap of 100000 being printed.
And finally Commons have a cap of 400000 being printed.

After any of these cards reach their limit, they are replaced with the same rarity card.

What the website shows us (Currently sorted by Percentage Printed)

Another 2 Rare cards are getting close to their limit, as they have passed the 90% marks. Which means that if you still looking to level them up, it should happen in the near future.
Also we can see that so many cards have passed their 80% marks, which doesn't only mean that we will need to hurry and go buy these, This also means that soon with the upcoming Untamed cards mixing up the battlefield, we will also have a bunch of new Reward cards coming into the mix to make things even more confusing.

Thanks again @Flauwy For this divider.

Ahhh, here I am again just reading over the gibberish that I have written.
Well, I hope that at least one of you read my post until the end, and I hope you found out something interesting thanks to me about Steemmonsters Reward cards.

If you liked my post, and you are in no hurry to anywhere, then the least that I ask of you is to leave me a nice comment.
Then I can be sure that someone stuck around until the end :)

Thank you, and visit all of the creators I mentioned in my post as well as Steemmonsters

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👍 rewards cards were possibly the best decision the Splinterlands team made.

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Agreed with both my hands up !! 🙌

Btw I love your site, I use it almost everyday, just because I like to see the precentages of the remaining cards :D

I've "stuck around until the end". Very informative post. Thanks!

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I read to the end =p- good explanation post - passing along to my newer players/friends =)


Yes! I love rewards cards!! I once opened up a GOLD Lord A with a daily quest without any potions! So yes- I agree! I love rewards cards! Great post! I will be giving this is a SM upvote!

Thanks for the breakdown.

Very cool info. I knew some of this but not all. The site is news to me and I will check it out.

Ive been journaling my steemmonsters journey here and on YT if you're interested. Today I earned my first ever Gold Ruler of the Seas, worth $85 usd.

Additionally I also earned 79other season reward cards some of which were also legendary. Check it out.

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