Splinterlands Gold Foil Shopping Spree + Pack Opening

10 months ago
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I thought about how I was going to invest into splinterlands to improve my chances at winning and pushing higher in rank. At first, I thought about just buying as many packs as I can. Then I realize why risk it when I can buy the cards I want first at peakmonsters then open packs.

Splinterlands Card Shopping Spree At Peakmonsters


I spent a little more than I was planning to spend but it was totally worth it. If you don't want to spend to much time reading through this post, you can check out my card collection at https://peakmonsters.com/@zukowick/collection

Fire DeckWater DeckEarth Deck
PyreBortusWizard of Eastwood
Living LavaSea MonsterUnicourn Mustang
Magma TrollElevtric EelsMinotaur Warrior
Naga Fire WizardSea GenieMushroom Seer
Goblin ShamanCrustacean KingGoblin Thief
Fire ElementalPirate ArcherJavelin Thrower
CerberusWater ElementalStone Golem
Beetle QueenIce PixieChild of the Forest
Fire BeetleSpineback Turtle
Kobold MinerFeasting Seaweed
Life DeckDeath DeckDragon/Neutral Deck
Mother KhalaContessa L'amentDaria Dragonscale
ShieldbearerHaunted SpiritDelwyn Dragonscale
Luminous EagleSpineback WolfGoblin Mech
Feral SpiritBoogeymanCreeping Ooze
ArmorsmithSkeleton AssassinFurious Chicken
Divine HealerTwisted Jester
Lone boatmanDark Astronomer
Cave SlugGiant Scorpion
Crystal JaguarMaggots
Silvershield WarriorVampire

The above list is all the gold foils I bought. I also bought 1 non-gold foil card and that was "Ruler of the Seas".

Splinterlands Pack Opening

I bought 6 packs to have my splinterlands account sit at an even 10 packs purchased. The packs gave me 2 gold foils; Orc Sergeant and Dark Astronomer. Here are the cards I received from the pack openings.

Investing Into Splinterlands Account

Why did I only buy gold foils? I believe gold foil cards will hold their value or go higher as time pass. The plan is to play with all gold foil decks every match. The non-gold foil cards will be either combined to max out the card and rent it out or sell it. I haven't decided just yet but I am leaning towards renting out the cards.

I think renting out my non-gold foil cards is better because its a simple passive income stream. The more income streams I can develop the better. Once the card levels are high enough I will start renting them out and see if it fits my style. I do love making spreadsheets.

What do you all think about my card collection?