League unlocked: Silver III

11 months ago
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After few mints ago i unlocked silver 3 .now i will get 12 cards after end of season.
Dear friends few month ago i purchased my starter pack and from starter pack i got 35 cards this time i have over 100 cards and there are about 60 cards playable.


Screenshot #1 source

In below screen shot there is detail that how many cards i will get at the end of season.


Screenshot #2 source


last battle Screenshot #3 source

After wining last battle i unlocked silver 3 .

Dear friends steemonster is really good and best blockchain game. I like it very much. Every day we learn. It is best game and to win only need to understand game.

All screenshots source is

All Screenshots source

my steemmonster user name:@Yousafharoonkhan