End of bear market on sportstalksocial????

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End of bear market?

As we can see, a large buying wall has been created today. If we look at the sales side, if a strong buyer comes in at this moment, he couldn't buy because he would go quickly at a much higher price.

Hence the shopping wall is created, buyers still expect to be able to buy lower, but this is what has been going on for the last few days and there are fewer and fewer sellers left...

This narrative fits well with the following chart.


As you can see, the volume has been decreasing as the price dropped to reach the minimum on August 24. From then on, as the price increases, the volume increases. This means the surrender of the sellers and that the upward trend seems to be imposed, at least for the moment.

What do you think, do you think I can be right?

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Let's hope for good 👍

Sports Talk getting strength, I agree

Good to see positive movement, the more the supply decrease , the more the price will rise.

Soon it will Hit SKIES.. A reason to Shift from STEEM to SPORTS for Max People..

Its all in Favour of US. The more Sports Get Value the More We in Term of Earning Get Valued...

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Only 10% of the total token supply is in circulation. Not sure when they are going to release more tokens into circulation. In the circumstances, I think it is premature to make any conclusion.

The same thing I was discussing with my friend today

Looking at the buy orders, we are going to experience some moon soon since the buyer orders are far more than sell orders

Could be. The price action saw a move upward the last few days after dropping for a couple months.

This was to be expected. A lot of staking by dedicated people who are using the platform.

If everyone stakes then the price will start to rise. I expect the price to drop again soon as abusers are just milking the site and flooding the exchange. If we can stop the abuse then we have a chance of getting stronger.

I think would be important too that every earning was stacked at 50% like other tokens, this way that effect would be smaller.

Thank you for response!


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yes, price start up !

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