How much is it worth to burn "SPORTS"? I've done the math

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Hello my dear sporters!!

As everyone knows, we're in the lowest season of SPORTS and STEEM, and our beloved tokens are worth almost nothing.

Beyond that it is undoubtedly the best time for with a small amount of dollars to buy many STEEM and SPORTS, we have set out to test the possibility of burning the SPORTS through the @sportsvoter account.

To perform the test I took one of my posts of actifit report that I published yesterday. I sent 1000 sports to the sportsvoter account, with a current value of 0'70 STEEM.


After a moment of waiting I saw the vote of sportsvoter arrive to my account. Let's see with what value...


Of course this value is in $$ and now we have to convert it to steem:


As you can see, this method is much more better, with a 95% of beneficts over sell in the market, besides, you help the sportstalksocial enviroment and community.

We have to discount a 25% because how steem spare the rewards, then 1,345x0,75= 1,005 Steems, but it continues be 30% more.

What are you waiting for? Don't sell SPORTS, Burn them and get Steem.

PD. Another trick if you don't want receive the 50% in steem power is use likwid service to receive the 98,5% in steem.

I hope this was interesting.


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