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Well, this is the situation at the moment. I understand that tonight there has been a massive sale of tokens and that there is not enough supply on the buying side as the price has temporarily collapsed untill 0'000013. It's incredible that in these levels had people who make a x5 in a few hours, although the low volume, not much money...

It's certainly not a good sign, I think this will temporarily affect the price and there will be more mass sales, at least that's what these things usually entail. In any case, as we already knew, we have to be patient and wait for the tokens to settle into firmer hands.


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LIFESTYLE also had a massive drop recently

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But this token doesn't have the volume at all. It's not the same case.

i have added buy bid on 0.0001 but sports token suddenly pumped to 0.00091

anyway my friend where you are seeing the chart of sports token ? can you give me the link ?

It´s a personal project friend. Sorry.

You can take a look in a version incrusted on my page