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Hello friends!

These last few days have changed a lot the atmosphere in sports talk social. From being a hopeless token we have grown 300% or more in less than a week.

The increase in volume with the rise represents those people who accumulated token, but not with a project, but waiting for it to go up to sell, these people are selling right now on their way to heaven ...

But, what can we expect from your behavior in the future? For me it is still a very undervalued token, but it is also true that it takes time for speculators and opportunists to sell and the tokens end up in strong hands.

I expect a little correction before keep going up...

Therefore I believe that beyond the rapid rises, I expect an upward behavior as more entities and clubs enter that have a plan to use this great social network and create strong communities.

These are the levels that I have found in the decline, I think those same levels can mean corrections in the rise and therefore are levels to pay attention ...


As you can see, there has been a small pause in the ascent in the level we have left behind, and in which we are currently, also coincides with accumulation in the descent.

Let's see if the rise also follows these patterns...

As long as it is clear that this is not an investment advice.


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It is just a beginning, we have a long way to go. No doubt, it has great potential. Thank you @yuriitonkov for sharing this.

You say right
Start climbing

Bueno, ha recuperado, pero aun queda mucho camino hasta como estuvo, en cualquier caso es un token muy nuevo y aun es muy complicado preveer como se va a comportar. Lo que si sabemos es que el proyecto es una buena idea y que poco a poco habrá mas gente que lo piensa e invierta...

Saludos y gracias por comentar!!


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es excelente la recuperación en el precio que ha tenido jeje y pensar que iba a comprar mas tokens la semana pasada y me arrepentí pero bueno vamos para adelante con este increíble proyecto :)


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