Steem Monsters - 80 день

in spt •  10 months ago 

Более менее нормальный день в плане результативности битв, да и награда за квест хоть и не нужная на сейчас с моим вторым призывателем, но все же годная карта улетевшая на рынок.
RC Все так же высажена, хоть бери паузу на 3 дня. Все что восстанавливается за день - сжигаю прокачкой поста.


look it @cleverbot
#steemace #spt #palnet #sct #zzan #neoxian #int #stem #steemleo

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Hi @alinalazareva! Steemleo is a platform for investment-related content, if you use the #steemleo tag in a post that has nothing to do with Investment, it can lead to being flagged by @noleo4u and eliminate any LEO rewards you have pending.

Very controversial statement. In my opinion, buying cards for Steem Monsters is an investment. And the brief reports that I received from this investment comply with the rules of the tag #steemleo

I understand your opinion, but only displaying the card received in the quest isn't considered an investment topic.

If I add information that I sold it at a market price, or write what I decided to leave in order to make it easier to win the fight and get more cards, will this be considered an investment topic?
ps To be honest, I removed the tag #steemleo from the template after your first comment, but I’m not sure whether it will be better for me or the leo investors. So problems as such are not. But if you explain under what conditions in posts of this subject the use of the tag #steemleo will be legitimate - I will certainly return it, because I believe in the future of this smart contract


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