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Today I was again doing another review on the cards that I had in the deck. I found that there was space for a few more additional cards and also some cards were good for an upgrade. Upgrading the cards and making the deck stronger is very important to go high in leagues and grab some good rewards.

Ettin Spearman


I have been getting this card regularly from the quest rewards. For the past few seasons, I was able to accumulate so many cards and now the card is slowly reaching level 4 with the upgrade. From the looks of it and the rate in which I'm getting this card, I guess the card will soon reach level 5 as well.
As this card is available in abundance, I'm able to see that the cost per card is also very cheap.

Exploding Dwarf

This has been one of the most abundant cards in everyone's deck I believe. I did not buy even a single card from the market. All my cards are from the quest rewards and the season rewards. Of course, I received a few cards from some of my friends. I'm glad that I'm able to reach level 7 with this card. I'm happy to see many cards in my deck reaching level 7.

Imp Bowman

This card has always been a very useful card for me and the price of the card is also good comparatively. The card is almost nearing level 4 but I don't have the patience to wait for one more card and upgrade it later. I purchased a card from the market and upgraded my Imp Bowman to level 4. This is also one of the cards that I regularly use in my battles.

You can see the above screenshot where I received a cashback for my purchase. I used MonsterMarket.io to get 3 percent cash back on my purchases.

With all the above stories, I was also able to reach the Gold II level again today and complete the daily quest to receive some extra cards. Unfortunately, I couldn't save a screenshot of the rewards. Good to see two epic cards and one rare card in the deck.

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I am not getting new cards as reward but, I am enjoying this game.

Posted via Steemleo

Are you completing daily quests? That gives you reward cards.

Yes, I am completing but most of the time I get repeated card.

Posted via Steemleo

Yes that is usual. Most of the time cards are repeated.