My Steem Journal November 2019 - 2 Years On Steem and Dec 2019 SPUD

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Happy Holidays we are on the home stretch to Christmas and American Thanksgiving weekend is almost over.

I just remembered, yesterday was my 2nd year anniversary on Steem. Wow. I've come along way.

Today is #SPUD. I've lost track of which SPUD number it is so I just call it #Dec2019SPUD.

I powered up over 1000 Steem today for SPUD! I now have 16,396SP making my account almost in the top 1000 (next milestone).

It is the day when I like to review my previous Steem activities during November and try to make a December plan or look at what's happening with Steem.

December Countdown.jpg
My wife made a lovely wreath and we lit the first candle today. We will light a candle every weekend until Christmas. I also have a Christmas calendar. I open the numbered door and eat a Chocolate every day until Christmas, but I'm too embarrassed to take a photo of this.

December 2019 SPUD

I mentioned in my last month's Steem Journal that I've stopped counting spud. I'm going to upvote accounts tagging using my SPUD system which is #DEC2019SPUD. Basically, you just take the first 3 letters of the month. Also, you can count all powerups during the previous month except the first (ex: 2nd NOV ~ 1st DEC). I don't care if people don't like my system. This is how I will do it.

Today, I powered up 1006 Steem to celebrate SPUD. It was all the Steem in my wallet and 900 Steem I bought on Binance. It wasn't the only time I powered up. I powered up 8 times for a total of 1225 Steem. I don't really like waiting until the end of the month as it doesn't make sense. The whole point of SPUD is to discuss powering up and to do it if you haven't recently. Waiting all month for SPUD doesn't really make sense. As mentioned above, I just use it for the cutoff day.

November Powerups.JPG
I powered up Steem quite a few times during November 2019

I was actually planning to buy more Steem a few days earlier, but the Korean exchanges are really paranoid. Upbit got hacked last week and the exchange I use is really careful.

Buying Steem

Buying Steem is ideal right now if you think the price will increase. The price is hovering around 10 to 15 cents.

Based on the current price (11.7 cents) becoming a dolphin costs $585 or maybe an even 600 after all the dumb exchange fees and commissions.

In my case, I have to wait 3 days for Korean Won (KRW) deposits and 2 days for withdraws of anything except KRW.

My exchange dropped Steem in the summer, so if I want to buy steel with Korean currency, it's really annoying.

  1. Transfer KRW to my exchange (Korbit).
  2. Wait 3 days.
  3. Buy something (I usually buy XRP because it's fast and cheap).
  4. Transfer to Binance.
  5. Wait (up to) 2 days.
  6. Buy something paired with Steem with my XRP (BTC is best)
  7. Buy Steem
  8. Withdraw Steem from Binance to my Steem wallet.

I know if I just bought ETH or BTC I could skip two steps. Transferring XRP costs like 0.2 XRP or less than 10cents. BTC is around 5$ and ETH is around 1.50 to remove from exchanges. But now that I have to wait up to 2 days to remove cryptocurrencies, there is absolutely no point unless I'm buying like $10 worth. It sucks. I cannot time the market because the whole procedure takes at least 5 days.

I could change to UPbit, but they just got hacked. I could change to Bithumb, but they got hacked last year. I don't really like those exchanges anyway. They are dodgy and greedy which is probably why they got hacked. Better safe than sorry. Besides registering to use Korean exchanges is a huge pain in the ass. I may just start using my credit card. However, I'm worried the bank will get annoyed....let's try next time.

November Posts

I posted 21 times during November 2019. 17 have paid out and 4 are pending. I think I did exceptionally well and got really lucky with people curating my posts. In general, I felt at least half my posts were generously rewarded.

A lot of people are getting generously rewarded these days if they put in the effort. This means the quality of content on Steem should steadily increase as people notice they are being rewarded.

I had 2 posts that I felt were under-rewarded. One was just a bad idea to write about (awkward concept). I'm okay with that, lesson learned. The other, I thought it was great. I'm guessing that's just how it goes. I don't double-dip or repost.

I posted a lot about my travels and started posting a ton of pictures. I'm looking at cameras these days and will probably end up buying one sooner or later. I don't want to spend a lot maybe 500$. I just want something that I can switch lenses to start building a collection. I'm still deciding between DSRL and mirrorless. I don't think full-frame is worth it for me. Maybe the next one if I get 2 good years of use and build my skill I'll reward myself with like a 3000$ camera in the future.

November Curation

I think I did great with curation during November. I finally figured out how to do it. I follow trails because I prefer that to auto-voting the same authors over and over. I do vote for some people or projects a lot. However, for the most part, I do it manually.

I've only got 4 accounts on auto-vote.

I'm trailing 2 accounts. Both my trails are individuals who I think vote well. I also keep increasing the authors I won't follow their votes on (myself included).

Curation Efficiency.JPG
My efficiency is above 50%. I think this is really good especially considering I don't self vote, I don't vote trade, I don't buy votes, and I don't vote for crap.

I'm really pleased with my efficiency. I bet I could get my average above 60%, but I'm happy with what it is. 32SP a week is decent. I have 15k SP and my average per 1000 SP per week is above 2 which is what I want. I would struggle with who I vote for to get it much higher and I don't like voting based on what makes me curation rewards, I just tweak things a little.

November Rewards

To be honest, I don't even care how much I earn. I just like improving. Last month I really looked into CSI. I got my CSI under control. It's hovering at 24.2 right now. I voted 432 times and for 215 unique accounts. The previous month, my CSI was much higher, but I was voting at 10% a lot. Now, I'm trying to give out 15~20% votes except on comments or when rewards are already really high, but I feel like still giving my vote.

CSI and 30 days rewards.JPG
My CSI was 24 which I think is good. Above 10 is what I like to see for dolphins or higher.

I earned 111 curation SP and 542 Author SP (I power everything up anyway). That's 653 Steem or worth 77.83 dollars now. If it was daily, that would be awesome. I don't think it's unreasonable to see Steem at 30X higher (it's been there before).

I make more than that $77 a day at work, so I can hardly quit my day job yet. Besides, I don't think Steem should be supporting people unless they are putting in like 6 to 8 hours a day which I'm not.

Other Tokens

I probably made an extra 50SP or so from prizes and selling Scot-Tokens. I've pretty much given up on Scot-tribes for now. It's just not worth focusing on them with SMTs around the corner.

I still keep most of them, but I've powered down quite a few now. Only a few of them have proved to be a good investment relative to Steem. My golden rule of investing is if I wouldn't buy, I should probably sell (this assumes I can afford to buy).

I haven't found any new tribes I like and I haven't seen much improvement. A few tribes updated their webpages, but most have just sunk to oblivion.

The niche category tribes I am watching are stem, Build-it, Leo, and Jahm. The general tribe I'm watching is Neoxian. I'm in a few others, but I'm not really confident that they are doing anything.

Also, I still firmly support BEER token, but it's not a tribe yet. I expect great things. However, I have too much to buy. I also have too much to sell. I don't want to wreck anything.

Totals for November 2019

I think the easiest way to look at my earnings for November 2019 is to take how much SP I had on the first of the previous month and subtract from now. Also, I'll exclude anything that came from Binance-hot since that was purchased or traded.

I started last month with 14757SP and I have 15595 after excluding 900 from Binance. My SP naturally increased by 838. That's a lot in one month. I think it's my best month ever for Steem earnings.

Binance has been a kind support of me during 2019. I'm done buying this year.


I'm done buying Steem for 2019. I've bought over 10000 Steem total this year which means I haven't earned most of the Steem in my account from rewards.

My goal was to get to 18000 by the end of 2019. I don't think I will make it. However, I may make it into the top 1000 accounts if I'm aggressive. I have 16400 SP which is more than I thought I would have this time last year (I was around 2000 SP). I only need like 400 more Steem assuming the amount to get in the top 1000 (16800) doesn't change too much.


SPUD is great.

Those who say #newSteem isn't working are mistaken or doing something wrong or highly undesirable like shilling crap or low-effort posting or trying to game a system that no longer wants to be gamed.

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