Powering up 700 SP for SPUD 7!

11 months ago
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Today is 1st Nov and it is the 7th Steem Power Up Day (SPUD)! For the fun of it, since my current reputation is at 70, I have decided to power up 700 SP. That brings my total SP over 7000! So it is the 7th SPUD, I have 70 reputation, 700 STEEM powered up and now a total of over 7000 SP! A total of 4 sevens. Haha..



I am still about 3,000 SP short of my mid-term goal of 10,000 SP but every step is one step closer, right? :)

SPUD is an initiative started by @streetstyle, here is an article on the commencement of SPUD7. If you meet the contest criteria, you might be able to win some prizes. Unfortunately, I am not eligible for prizes but you might win something. Therefore, I strongly encourage you to participate in it.

Cheers and have fun!

The "Raise to 50" Initiative

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