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Today is the 10th SPUD or SPUD X! If you still do not know what SPUD is, it stands for Steem Power Up Day and it is an initiative by @streetstyle. Every month there is a day which Steemians are invited to power up their STEEM or simply stop powering down to participate in the SPUD activity. Powering up your STEEM to SP is a vote of confidence for this platform and at the same time there are fabulous prizes to be won! Hence, there is no reason not to take part.

Mr Potato Distributing Red Packets

It is the Chinese New Year period now and I found this little GIF of Mister Potato distributing red packets. Red packet symbolizes good luck and it is customary for Chinese to give red packets to others during Chinese New Year. Hence, I find this GIF quite apt for this round of SPUD 😁. And by the way, Mister Potato is a popular brand of potato chips in Malaysia.

In Chinese, the number "8" rhymes with the Chinese character "发" which means "to prosper". Hence, this month I have powered up a small amount of 88.88 STEEM. It is not much but it is my little way of wishing every Steemian a prosperous 2020.


On top of that, I will be sponsoring 2 SBI shares to the first 8 Steemians who leaves a comment here of their SPUD post. This is purely on a first come first serve basis! Still do not know what SBI is? Please check this post.

Update on the Wuhan Coronavirus

Since my last post on the Wuhan Coronavirus (2019-nCoV), the number of infected had surged from 9815 cases to the current 12025 cases. I just want to take this opportunity to urge everyone to stay safe and maintain personal hygiene. I think in the coming week we will have a better sense of how widespread this virus is.



Thanks and take care all!

10% of post rewards goes to @ph-fund, 5% goes to @steemworld.org and 5% goes to @steempeak to support these amazing projects.


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Hi @culgin

I have done power up with 101 steem and this the link to my SPUD post. Thank you.


You are the 7th. 2 SBI shares on the way!


I power up as and when I like, or have something to power up. I don't understand the need to have this special power up day. Instead people should just be encouraged to power up all the time. But, since I am about to power up and since it is the SPUD day, I will power up anyway. 😊

Hi dear @culgin

I did not know about this initiative, I am finding out thanks to your post. I think it's great and build trust in the whole community, it is very beneficial and I will try to disseminate it so that more people know about it, because I think it is done by enough people, you can achieve a significant and significant impact 👍

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You are the first! 2 SBI shares coming right up


You are the fifth! 2 SBI shares on the way!


You are the second! 2 SBI shares coming your way!


I am the 6th one and here is my post. Thanks


And you are right that you are the 6th :)

2 SBI shares coming right up!


Thank you so much @culgin
Have a great day

Pretty cool #spud gif @culgin and fitting too with Chinese New Year as well as Malay chips.... sad to see the Corona virus putting a damper on things. Thanks for posting info on that and yes, everyone be safe and stay aware.

Thanks for dropping by! Yea, let's hope everyone is safe and healthy

I power up each week and set a target for my SP grow for this year. I think that is enough. Happy day 💕

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That is nice too!

Dear @culgin

We're living in such a strange times. 2020 started with some real crazy twists. We hardly managed to avoid conflict between US and Iran and now China is struggling with corona virus outbreak.

Just a moment ago I've read that Starbucks is closing down 2000 it's branches all over China. Did you know that?

I believe that after chinese new year - people will be to afraid to go back to work. So export will most likely collapse. Businesses relying on products build in china (importers) will start having really difficult time - simply because of lack of the product.

I'm seriously worried. stay safe.
Yours, Piotr

I read about Starbucks. Many Chinese companies require their employees to still not start work until 7th Feb. Hence, productivity will continue to be affected during this period.

You are the third to comment with your SPUD post. 2 SBI shares on the way!


I managed to squeeze in a SPUD, ever closer to 9K SP I go

You did not link your SPUD post but I found it nonetheless :)

You are the fourth, 2 SBI on the way!


Oh my bad, lol trust a steemian to not let that stop them from being generous!

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@tipu curate

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 20/25 - need recharge?)

I have also Powered up but yet to share post. Sharing it now..

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