First of the Month? Great Day to Power Up!

in spud •  8 months ago  (edited)

I mentioned before that people need reminders and love to do things together (even, to some extent, when they are introvert).

I don't know if you ever needed a reminder to power up STEEM. Maybe when you were new here? Then, I think I needed such reminders too.

But other than that, knowing it's good for my account to have more STEEM Power, I do it regularly. Not daily, maybe not even weekly, but often enough.

However, having a STEEM Power Up Day (SPUD) creates some sort of positive energy around it that is beneficial to the entire ecosystem, especially when STEEM price doesn't help lift the spirits up.

Today I added together some liquid STEEM I had, including part of my STEEMP, and powered it up.

Like always, I power up on my "SP" account, @gadrian-sp:

While not an impressive amount, it's still over 40% larger than my initial purchase of STEEM on this platform. It's true that purchase was made when STEEM was worth over 4$. But one STEEM is still one STEEM and may be back at those levels some day (or not).

It is however very nice to see the fruits of the compound work and staking over time.

All we need is for STEEM and / or other tokens in the ecosystem to take off, or catch up with the developments here.

Now, let's power up some STEEM!

There is a contest associated with this Power Up Day, but who says you can only power up if you are eligible? :)

Steem on!

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Thanks for participating in #spud @gadrian I almost didn't get it until I realized there is a second account for the power up. Anyhow, take care.

Thanks for the initiative! It's a good one.

And where is my reminder for the #SPUD? :) I have collected some spare STEEM and will power up later today... I have somehow always missed SPUD and power up earlier... This will be my first :)

Have you checked Discord? :D

It is my first as well...

Checked... :) It's there.. :)

See? Like a Swiss clock! :)

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