SPUD 7! Growing Like Wildfire 🔥

in spud •  8 months ago 

99D5B37B5AA9423A85472EC72D010B63.pngThis morning, I woke up to my feed full of SPUD posts! It was awesome! SPUD is really taking off, and it's so great to see!

I really believe, in a few years, those with a decent amount of Steem Power, will be in an extremely enviable position! Steem will be hard to earn and expensive to buy.

With this I mind, I have grown my account to “orca” status, and I’m now, I’m slowly growing my stake.

Here is how I grew my account for SPUD 7:


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I'm tryna catch up.. quit swimming so fast

You’re in my wake, catching up fast! I need another orca to swim with

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Thanks @mcoinz for helping make this #spud an even greater turn out than expected. Yeah, I have re-steemed a lot of the #spud7 posts.... hoping some of the smaller accounts get some up votes and support. There have been some pretty good power ups, so the tide is turning on this crypto-winter. Take care and have a great day.

it's great @mcoinz79

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