Need SPUDX and whale support to the moon; Just power up 300 Steem

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Credit to @streetstyle

Need SPUDX and Whale support to the moon; Just power up 300 Steem

Hello Steemian
Hello Spuderman
Today is February 1. the day awaited by all supporters of SPUD. I analogize SPUD as Spud which also contains energy. With the power of spud, we foam make a high jump. We might be able to imagine the spud as the fuel of a rocket to glide toward a point of altitude even to the moon.
SPUD as a monthly agenda will certainly be a trigger for Steemian to join in simultaneously doing power ups. SPUD is a great initiative. A brilliant initiative from @streetstyle. A movement that has reached round ten now. The implementation of SPUD is a big movement in Steem in order to realize our love for Steem. A form of concern for the still low price of STeem. While continuing to hope that prices will continue to rise until we reach our expectations. A situation that Steem has experienced in early 2018.
I believe that through SPUD we can take our role. If all Steemians have the same passion, it is not impossible that Steem values will skyrocket. Of course this requires a struggle for us all. The spirit that we need and togetherness in doing power ups will certainly have an impact on the reduced supply of liquid Steem in the market. In economic law, if there is less supply, there is a lot of demand
Prices will rise. Moreover, the current price of bitcoin continues to increase and STeem will always keep abreast of the value of Bitcoin. This is our chance to further support Steem in price movements.

Just Power Up 300 Steem to support SPUDX

SPUD always needs support from all STeemians. This is a joint step to establish a new power in supporting STeem so that it can reach the price we expect.
As a supporter of SPUD, I also participated in making 300 Steem power ups. Here is the screen shoot.

There is excitement when you can get 300 STeem from reward posting for a month. I hope that in the coming period I will still be able to continue to increase the amount of power up that I do.

Support whale and sponsors

I was happy when I read information from @streetstyle about the return of whales who did power ups. This can be a good sign in Steem. As quoted from @penguinpablo which states @theycallmedan and doing power ups

According to @penguinpablo's Daily Steem Stats Report, activity is up on the Steem Blockchain, correlating with the slight uptick in price. In the report, it also shows that Power Downs are nearly on par with Power ups. It also shows that yesterday, @theycallmedan had the largest transfer of Steem from an exchange back into his Steem Account. The report then shows that @theycallmedan proceeded to have the largest Steem Power up of 250,000 Steem Power.

We can read further in the following post.
SPUD X - TAKING STEEM TO NEW HEIGHTS - FEB. 1, 2020 [steem] [blockchain] [community]
Reading the post, I remembered and was more excited when I posted and got an upvote from @theycallmedan. A support that makes me even more convinced that we can get support from all Steemians. Here is the screen shoot
Thank you @theycallmedan for the support and it very honor to me.

We must also convey our thanks to all sponsors who have made SPUD more attractive with various prizes provided. Sponsors have made SPUD a fun event that gives participants the opportunity to win prizes. Those involved in SPUDX are @davedickeyyall, @xpilar, @sultan-aceh, @mcoinz79, @reflektor, @hingsten, @traciyork, @improv, @bippe, and @livinguktaiwan.
Thank you for all sponsor.
thus all my writing this time may usefl for all of us.

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoy it.

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Great power moves for #spud @rokhani Thanks for supporting #spudx take care.

thank you..

glad to involve in spud @streetstyle. while we wait the increasing value of Steem we can make spud become a great movement.