SPUDERMAN, Swing and Spread about SPUD7

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SPUDERMAN, Swing and Spread about SPUD7

Hi Steemian how are you today? I hope you are healthy and creative work.
Spuderman is already wearing the costume. He immediately departed by swinging from one building to another. As an SPUD7 agent, he wanted to let SPUD know that there would be more sponsors and prizes. He was given the task to invite all Steemians to get involved in SPUD7. For SPUD7 there are more sponsors and make participants have many chance to get prize. They are @streetstyle, @xpilar, @sultan-aceh, @reflektor, @bippe, @hingsten, @improv, @traciyork, @stemit-nz, @pennsif, @davedickeyyall, and @tattoodjay.There is 11,000 Steem now include delegation, SBI and gift. It make SPUD7 more interesting.
Spuderman want to spread in order to get many friends convert their Steem into Steem Power on November 1.
He is sure that many steemian or there who didn't know yet about SPUD. And he is sure that many STeemians haven't know that power up can win a prize. He never bored to spread news about SPUD. He tell to his friends if they want to know further can chec and read this link.
Reaching the Heights of Another SPUD Pinnacle - PRIZES & RULES for 11-01-19 [steem] [blockchain] [ community]

He also Every time there is an interesting post on a large account with many followers he will always insert news about SPUD. He hopes the followers of the account can read and know the vision and various things about SPUD so that it opens up opportunities for SPUD to be increasingly known and supported. The hope is that on November 1, many participants will take part in SPUD7.
Spuderman also wants SPUD 7 to record how much STeem is powered both by Steem participants who have the opportunity to get prizes and outside participants who are entitled to prizes so that valid power up data can be obtained so that it will add SPUD value as a big movement with increasingly significant influence.
Therefore it is necessary to suggest @streetstyle to be more detailed even though there are new challenges to find data on who is doing power ups and the amount of Steem being powered up. Then you can find out the effect of SPUD in reducing liquid STeem in the market. This becomes a starting point to find out whether there is a correlation between the difference in liquid Steem and Steem price.

And now we must support the SPUD movement.

So, Let's Power Up
Don't Power Down
Don Sell/Transfer Steem On November 1

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoy it.