SPUD X - back to my 300 SP mark :^)

in spud •  4 months ago 


Some time ago, I used to be at 300 SP. But, I had to power down & sell some to pay for bills & project funding.

However, for SPUD X, I just powered up 61.428 STEEM - which puts me right back to the 300 SP mark :^)

Why not more?

I'm not powering up all the liquid STEEM I have in my wallet right now, because I'm actually saving that for some really cool projects I have coming up! I don't know when I'll be able to talk about them, but hopefully soon.

Should I SPUD?

Hell yes! Look, I get it, it's scary to make the commitment. So, here's the only thing I ever feel confident suggesting to people:

  • What do you want? Think hard about it.
  • Are you willing to take risks? If so, consider how much.
  • How strongly do you believe in yourself, and your desires? Think about what makes you happy.

If you believe in Steem, like I do, if you want Steem to be the future, like I do, if you enjoy what's here & are excited for what's next, like I am, then participate & power up!


Did You Celebrate SPUD Today?

*Post a comment below saying how much you powered up & why you believe in Steem. I'll upvote every comment, but I'll also choose my favorite answer and send them a little STEEM prize :^)


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Well thanks for being a responsible SPUD’r! I’m sure you’ll get up to minnow status soon, only 200 SP to go!


Thanks buddy! I plan on it, and soon! :^)

Great Steem Power moves @stffbyspencer and thank you for supporting #spudx take care.

Thanks buddy, and also thank you for everything you do with SPUD -- it's wonderful to see the community come together every month :^)

Thank you for being a part of the INCOME entertainment Fund, where builders are sought and supported!

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Well, today our friendly project support fund powers up too!
the post in question

We like to see you posting more frequently! Don't forget to use the general purpose #upfundme tag!

Thanks for the reminder! Will do :^)

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