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in spud5 •  last year 

I don't have much liquid Steem, but I guess every 0.001 STEEM counts 🤷

So I transferred 1.863 STEEM to vesting, all that I have from my SP rental income from @dlease.


Bonus content

Looks like Steemit Inc employees are buying back STEEM? Any thoughts on this?


Obviously this is a SPUD participation post, therefore all post rewards will automatically be powered up as well.

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Thanks for participating and supporting the #spud movement... and that is a huge Steem transfer!! Maybe they know something that we currently don't?

Every bit counts, in getting that 123mil liquid steem taken off the market. Hope we'll see you continue to grow your account and smash that 5000 SP mark soon

Perhaps they're going to use it for SMT's and know that on release they have something to take to market that will reduce scarcity so they buying back at these lows.