SpudX : I have powered up today.

in LeoFinance •  5 months ago 

So guys, finally the day has come when we can SPUD (steem power up day) and show solidarity. This is my first spud so I am putting my best effort. Below is my screenshot from https://steemd.com/@r1s2g3 before powering up. As you can see I have 292.436 SP as my steem power.

So time to power up now and below is my screenshot after power up.

So you can see after powerup I have 402.875 SP as my steem power.

Waiting for you all to join me.
Happy steeming!

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Thank you @r1s2g3 for supporting #spud and doing your part for the steem blockchain. #spudx


big step and very appreciated.
#spud will be proud of you.
together we can do many things

Sure buddy. Steem is a complete eco system.

totally right. we must keep and grow this ecosystem then we can grow well

Yea man! Power up that STEEM up! Upvoted!

Thanks for upvote.

Good job! You know you qualify for a contest that I am co-sponsoring. 1st prize is 2,000 SP delegation for a month. There are 2d and 3rd prizes too. Just in case you might have an interest. I only have two entries now. No upvote or resteem requirements. You might want to check it out.

😂 Who would have thought I would need to go look for contest entrants! 😂

Good stuff for the #SPUD day for sure. Take care.

Thanks, I would like to enter but I am not able to find the contest link.

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