SPUDX 65.972 Steem Powerup

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The first of each month is SPUDX day, which means that anyone who can do a steem powerup should do it. This will not only bring you more power but you can also win a lot of delegations, Steem, SBI or Splinterland cards.

Am ersten jeden Monats ist SPUDX Tag, das bedeutet das jeder der kann einen Steem-Powerup durchführt. Das bringt einem nicht nur mehr Saft sondern man kann auch reichlich Delegationen, Steem, SBI oder Splinterland Karten gewinnen.

The implementation is done by @streetstyle the corresponding post is here: https://steemit.com/spud/@streetstyle/spud-x-taking-steem-to-new-heights-feb-1-2020-steem-blockchain-community

Die Durchführung übernimmt @streetstyle der dazugehörige Post ist hier: https://steemit.com/spud/@streetstyle/spud-x-taking-steem-to-new-heights-feb-1-2020-steem-blockchain-community

Rules for participation: /Regeln für die Teilnahme:

Today I spontaneously decided to take part in this contest because it is a WIN-WIN situation for all sides, the more participate the more stable and promising we make our blockchain.

Ich habe mich heute spontan entschieden an diesem Contest teilzuhaben weil es ein WIN-WIN Contest für alle Seiten ist, um so mehr sich beteiligen um so stabiler und zukunftsträchtiger machen wir unsere Blockchain.

So I scraped together all the steems and steemps I could find, and lo and behold, there were over 65 steem.

Also habe ich alle Steem und Steemp zusammengekratzt die ich finden konnte und siehe da es kamen über 65 Steem zusammen.

The generous prizes are provided by the following steemians: @davedickeyyall @xpilar @sultan-aceh @improv @streetstyle @reflector @hingsten @mcoinz79 @bippe @traciyork @livinguktaiwian An impressive list of respectable users, many thanks to the noble donors.

Die großzügigen Preise werden bereitgestellt von folgenden steemians: @davedickeyyall @xpilar @sultan-aceh @improv @streetstyle @reflektor @hingsten @mcoinz79 @bippe @traciyork @livinguktaiwian Eine beeindruckende Liste respektabler User, vielen Dank an die edlen Spender.

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Great Steem Power up moves @siphon Glad you joined us in support of #spud thanks and take care.

Hope that the steeem price will gradually recover. These would be the best conditions for many people to invest in the long term.

coffeea Lucky you @streetstyle here is your COFFEEA, view all your tokens at steem-engine.com Vote for c0ff33a as Witness

Great to see you join in! We need more and larger SP hodlers to want to contribute and stake up!

I think if everyone contributes a little bit, everyone will benefit disproportionately .

coffeea Lucky you @chekohler here is your COFFEEA, view all your tokens at steem-engine.com Vote for c0ff33a as Witness

Danke für deinen Beitrag