Crossing the 10K Steem Power Barrier

1 year ago
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Today was the first day every I reached 10000 SP. This was thanks to a 2600Steem donation from @binance-hot.

Actually, I bought the Steem and powered up for a few reasons:

  • The price was around 16.2 cents. This is a great deal, in my opinion, especially considering I bought my first #Steem when it was worth over $2 and I bought the majority of my Steem around 30 cents. I missed the low of 15.5 :(
  • #HF21 fixed a lot of things I thought were wrong with Steem, it's now been a couple of weeks and I'm very happy with what I've noticed so far. Maybe the price will go down a little more as some of the whales who got upset sell-off, but I think the price has stabilized enough.
  • With bid bots being dead, liquid Steem is much less valuable compared to before. I used to get as much liquid Steem as possible to buy bids. Now there is no point since I can get decent upvotes when I put effort into my posts.
  • #newsteem is much better than I expected and I want to remain part of this community.

I am confident the price of Steem will rise, in anycase, I will get to enjoy it more.

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A Double-Dolphin

Most people agree you are a dolphin when you have 5000 Steem or 10Mvests. I now have over double this. Actually, I bought most of my Steem, or above 7500. Anyone who is against buying Steem is an idiot in my opinion, not that I've met too many of these people.

I didn't feel like waiting for #spud. I buy stuff when I think it's a nice time to buy stuff. Personally, I think Steem has hit a bottom and it will rise. Although, I said this before. In any case, I lowered my average price significantly now, not that I'm planning on selling anything anytime soon. I just like to keep track of how much Steem I made blogging and how much money I've made investing in Steem (I'm down while it's at 16 cents).



I am cutting most of my delegations now because at 50% I find the #curation rewards are worth it now. Before HF21, curation was a loser's game. Now it's the new game in town.

I'll be using my VP to vote for people and initiatives I like. I won't pretend to be a manual curator. It's too much work. I use to automate some of my voting. It's kinda tricky to set up because of all the options, but I've figured it out.

I don't just try to maximize curation. I do vote for some of the large accounts, but these are all authors I respect for one reason or another. Also, I regularly adjust it.

I do vote trails. Right now I'm following @ocd and @curangel. I've set it to follow with 0% + 10%. it means no matter what those accounts curate, I give a 10% (1000sp) vote now. I couldn't handle their weird %s. I'll do up to 10 votes a day for each when my VP is above 85 or 90. I'm going to rotate at least one of them a month to change things up a little.

I follow a lot of curation things like ocd, curangel, helpie, qurator, c-cubed, steemworldmap, and steemsteem. I'm opinion to anything that is within my interests. I ain't gonna start curating porn, but if you know someone who does, that's hilarious.

Changing My Style after HF21

The bots are gone. I don't miss the bots. Actually, I used @ocdb a lot before and even a couple time after. I never thought there was anything wrong with buying votes. However, it was out of control and there was a lot of abuse. People were buying 100+ SBD or bidding on absolute crap (I'll definitely judge). A lot of bots decided to change it to curation. I've noticed a few nice upvotes have been received.

Actually, I figured out how to make a lot, but buying bids only got me like 4 Steem per post. I figured my time to be worth around 150 Steem a week for at least 15 hours worth of blogging time on Steem which is less 2 dollars an hour. It was depressing. I don't miss the bots.

I no longer sell or trade any votes. I only delegate to @steembasicincome and @steem-ua. I'm not sure how long I'll keep this up for or if I'll delegate to more accounts. I like to be in control of my voting and never really liked delegating. I like to follow vote or just upvote accounts asking for delegations.

I still self-vote. Actually, this is contentious. I won't self-vote comments or crap posts. Actually, I don't tend to make posts under 500 words and usually, they are around 1500 and include original pictures. My opinion on self-voting is it is fine if you put in the effort. If I don't value my posts, why should anyone else?

I've stopped voting comments on my posts. I'll always respond and I'll even check out their blogs if I don't follow them and give them a vote. The change in the voting curve has made voting on comments quite a bad idea unless you are an orca or whale and can afford the VP.

HF21 Thoughts

I have a lot of hopes for Steem moving forward.

  • SPS: The proposals are great. I'm voting for proposals by @steempeak, @steemchiller and @inertia. I use and like Steempeak and Steem World. I don't understand what Inertia's proposal is but it seems important and I trust him. I also, vote for @gtg's thing but that's not really a proposal and I'll unvote it if I find it's blocking stuff I really like. For now I suggest people have patience.

  • Downvotes: Free downvotes are not abused. The quality of content has gone up. Trending is starting to look normal. More diverse posts are reaching trending. I've been getting random votes.

  • Increased Curation: This is obviously great. I checked and I'm definitely not losing money as an author since a lot more people are voting on decent content and not just circle jerking, self-voting, selling or trading. I predicted this outcome.

  • The new curve: I hate this. It wrecked comments voting. I used to like voting people who comment, but I don't have enough VP to do this and support people. I'll just visit their blogs or maybe vote if they don't really blog much. Maybe it stopped microfarming, but I don't really think this was a huge problem. However, maybe it could have got out of control as a result of other HF21 changes.


I've definitely noticed a change of attitude for the best. The whales and orcas are acting nicer. Steemit is acting nicer. Everyone is acting nicer. Just give it a few months and word will get out. New Steem will set up their base on the Moon's of Jupiter or something because that is where the price is going.

I am really liking the new Steem. I said I would buy more Steem to celebrate the Fork after things calmed down. I feel like I have more power now with new Steem and definitely with around 100% more Steem power than pre-HF21 (I had like 5k after considering delegations and liquid Steem).

I took a 3-week break to go on vacation and I only posted a few times. I'm not sure if I will go back to posting daily, but I will definitely try to maintain 5 posts a week moving forward.

I think all the changes are good, but I'm still not entirely sure what is happening. For all of you who are confused or sad with the new Steem, I don't care if the door hits you on the way out.

Investing in Steem

Steem is a great investment and things are finally looking good post mira, post-bidbots, etc. We now have scot-tokens and tribes going strong. We have Steemit/SteemINC working on SMTs and communicating. We have a dao or proposal system. We have more great front ends and tools like Steem Peak and Steemworld.

The rank of Steem is around 80 and I think it should get back in the top 30 within a few months if things go well.

I'm just sharing my opinions and I don't think Steem is a good investment if you aren't willing to learn it and invest the time. Actually, this is because I think HF21 may eventually lower the ROI for delegating Steem. Will people be happy with 10%? I think so. But it's become less of a passive game.


I have really been enjoying Steem. But it took a lot of effort to get where I am. It's not a get rich quick thing or scam. Actually, new Steem is a lot more friendly than old Steem.

For those who want friends, why don't you join #powerhousecreatives, or some other engagement or social circle? I found this a great way to engage and make friends, etc.

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