Crossing the 10K Steem Power Barrier

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Today was the first day every I reached 10000 SP. This was thanks to a 2600Steem donation from @binance-hot.

Actually, I bought the Steem and powered up for a few reasons:

  • The price was around 16.2 cents. This is a great deal, in my opinion, especially considering I bought my first #Steem when it was worth over $2 and I bought the majority of my Steem around 30 cents. I missed the low of 15.5 :(
  • #HF21 fixed a lot of things I thought were wrong with Steem, it's now been a couple of weeks and I'm very happy with what I've noticed so far. Maybe the price will go down a little more as some of the whales who got upset sell-off, but I think the price has stabilized enough.
  • With bid bots being dead, liquid Steem is much less valuable compared to before. I used to get as much liquid Steem as possible to buy bids. Now there is no point since I can get decent upvotes when I put effort into my posts.
  • #newsteem is much better than I expected and I want to remain part of this community.

I am confident the price of Steem will rise, in anycase, I will get to enjoy it more.

Untitled drawing.jpg

A Double-Dolphin

Most people agree you are a dolphin when you have 5000 Steem or 10Mvests. I now have over double this. Actually, I bought most of my Steem, or above 7500. Anyone who is against buying Steem is an idiot in my opinion, not that I've met too many of these people.

I didn't feel like waiting for #spud. I buy stuff when I think it's a nice time to buy stuff. Personally, I think Steem has hit a bottom and it will rise. Although, I said this before. In any case, I lowered my average price significantly now, not that I'm planning on selling anything anytime soon. I just like to keep track of how much Steem I made blogging and how much money I've made investing in Steem (I'm down while it's at 16 cents).



I am cutting most of my delegations now because at 50% I find the #curation rewards are worth it now. Before HF21, curation was a loser's game. Now it's the new game in town.

I'll be using my VP to vote for people and initiatives I like. I won't pretend to be a manual curator. It's too much work. I use to automate some of my voting. It's kinda tricky to set up because of all the options, but I've figured it out.

I don't just try to maximize curation. I do vote for some of the large accounts, but these are all authors I respect for one reason or another. Also, I regularly adjust it.

I do vote trails. Right now I'm following @ocd and @curangel. I've set it to follow with 0% + 10%. it means no matter what those accounts curate, I give a 10% (1000sp) vote now. I couldn't handle their weird %s. I'll do up to 10 votes a day for each when my VP is above 85 or 90. I'm going to rotate at least one of them a month to change things up a little.

I follow a lot of curation things like ocd, curangel, helpie, qurator, c-cubed, steemworldmap, and steemsteem. I'm opinion to anything that is within my interests. I ain't gonna start curating porn, but if you know someone who does, that's hilarious.

Changing My Style after HF21

The bots are gone. I don't miss the bots. Actually, I used @ocdb a lot before and even a couple time after. I never thought there was anything wrong with buying votes. However, it was out of control and there was a lot of abuse. People were buying 100+ SBD or bidding on absolute crap (I'll definitely judge). A lot of bots decided to change it to curation. I've noticed a few nice upvotes have been received.

Actually, I figured out how to make a lot, but buying bids only got me like 4 Steem per post. I figured my time to be worth around 150 Steem a week for at least 15 hours worth of blogging time on Steem which is less 2 dollars an hour. It was depressing. I don't miss the bots.

I no longer sell or trade any votes. I only delegate to @steembasicincome and @steem-ua. I'm not sure how long I'll keep this up for or if I'll delegate to more accounts. I like to be in control of my voting and never really liked delegating. I like to follow vote or just upvote accounts asking for delegations.

I still self-vote. Actually, this is contentious. I won't self-vote comments or crap posts. Actually, I don't tend to make posts under 500 words and usually, they are around 1500 and include original pictures. My opinion on self-voting is it is fine if you put in the effort. If I don't value my posts, why should anyone else?

I've stopped voting comments on my posts. I'll always respond and I'll even check out their blogs if I don't follow them and give them a vote. The change in the voting curve has made voting on comments quite a bad idea unless you are an orca or whale and can afford the VP.

HF21 Thoughts

I have a lot of hopes for Steem moving forward.

  • SPS: The proposals are great. I'm voting for proposals by @steempeak, @steemchiller and @inertia. I use and like Steempeak and Steem World. I don't understand what Inertia's proposal is but it seems important and I trust him. I also, vote for @gtg's thing but that's not really a proposal and I'll unvote it if I find it's blocking stuff I really like. For now I suggest people have patience.

  • Downvotes: Free downvotes are not abused. The quality of content has gone up. Trending is starting to look normal. More diverse posts are reaching trending. I've been getting random votes.

  • Increased Curation: This is obviously great. I checked and I'm definitely not losing money as an author since a lot more people are voting on decent content and not just circle jerking, self-voting, selling or trading. I predicted this outcome.

  • The new curve: I hate this. It wrecked comments voting. I used to like voting people who comment, but I don't have enough VP to do this and support people. I'll just visit their blogs or maybe vote if they don't really blog much. Maybe it stopped microfarming, but I don't really think this was a huge problem. However, maybe it could have got out of control as a result of other HF21 changes.


I've definitely noticed a change of attitude for the best. The whales and orcas are acting nicer. Steemit is acting nicer. Everyone is acting nicer. Just give it a few months and word will get out. New Steem will set up their base on the Moon's of Jupiter or something because that is where the price is going.

I am really liking the new Steem. I said I would buy more Steem to celebrate the Fork after things calmed down. I feel like I have more power now with new Steem and definitely with around 100% more Steem power than pre-HF21 (I had like 5k after considering delegations and liquid Steem).

I took a 3-week break to go on vacation and I only posted a few times. I'm not sure if I will go back to posting daily, but I will definitely try to maintain 5 posts a week moving forward.

I think all the changes are good, but I'm still not entirely sure what is happening. For all of you who are confused or sad with the new Steem, I don't care if the door hits you on the way out.

Investing in Steem

Steem is a great investment and things are finally looking good post mira, post-bidbots, etc. We now have scot-tokens and tribes going strong. We have Steemit/SteemINC working on SMTs and communicating. We have a dao or proposal system. We have more great front ends and tools like Steem Peak and Steemworld.

The rank of Steem is around 80 and I think it should get back in the top 30 within a few months if things go well.

I'm just sharing my opinions and I don't think Steem is a good investment if you aren't willing to learn it and invest the time. Actually, this is because I think HF21 may eventually lower the ROI for delegating Steem. Will people be happy with 10%? I think so. But it's become less of a passive game.


I have really been enjoying Steem. But it took a lot of effort to get where I am. It's not a get rich quick thing or scam. Actually, new Steem is a lot more friendly than old Steem.

For those who want friends, why don't you join #powerhousecreatives, or some other engagement or social circle? I found this a great way to engage and make friends, etc.

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Congratulations! That's an exciting mile stone. I just powered up to get above 20k, and it moves faster now.

Wow thats cool. Your full upvote is now worth over 1 steem.
I may get more again soon. Was planning to wait for SMT, but u know fomo...


I ain't gonna start curating porn, but if you know someone who does, that's hilarious.

I had to read that twice to be sure I wasn't seeing things... ;) THAT was hilarious

That aside, you make some interesting and valid points. I know there was a reason to come back here - and I had this open before I saw it was today's suggestion in PHC.

I have only managed two posts in the last while, no three. Largely because things have been pretty hectic outside the Steemit and virtual world and because as the previous two posts suggest, there has been "stuff" in my head. One got me one of the biggest payouts I've ever had and the one posted a week ago, exceeded expectations. I have no idea why because it was a "hello, I live and breathe" post. Returns on curation - I've just looked at Steemworld and Steem Supply - for me, are negligible.

I take three things away from this post:

Steem reward into which I shall look more closely (with my huge 1k head of Steem :D

The value (not) of comment votes and curation for me. I have long preferred to respond to a comment than vote on it although I have, of late, got lazy. Now, I'll say something or not at all.

More importantly, as I said all along when I heard about HF21/22, the blockchain needs content creators. Now, with the demise of bidbots, we are seeing the benefit even if the rewards are split 50:50. If my post of a week ago tomorrow is anything to go by, then my sweat equity will be rewarded in ways it hasn't been up to now. It also may be to my benefit to post less often and to spend more time on crafting what I consider to be more worthy posts.

Thanks for the confusing (not) ramble

PS I'm calling over @blockurator and @quillfire because your observations may be of interest to them.

The porn thing was a bit of a joke, but there is actually a token for it. There's a legit reason for an alt account.

I've also slowed down posting as I deal with other stuff. I'm engaging and curating more too which takes up a lot of time (glad the rewards were increased).

1k of Steem is more than enough for a top 10000 account. Think about what that will mean if there are millions of active users.

We definitely need content creators. Focusing on higher quality posts will certainly pay off. I hope the trend of bigger rewards for quality continues as it is really encouraging. Hopefully, we can stay above the curve in terms of quality if this is the case. Now that bots are gone, next is vote trading.

I don't miss voting comments at all. I only voted this one because it is very thoughtful and I appreciate that you put in a lot of time and effort. I'll still upvote these kinds of comments.

A token for porn? Well, it takes all kinds, even old fuddy duddies like me! lol

The comment vote is much appreciated as is your taking the time to read and comment.

Vote trading: now that's a whole new thing that never entered my head. Of course people always find ways of working the system. It's going to be interesting.

I hope you're right about the price of STEEM going up, and I hope the bidbots are gone for good. Or, at least, not dominant.

Bid bots are like telemarketers they won't go away they will evolve. But, they will be less dominate.
Steem will rise 80th place doesn't suit it. It's top 30 at least.

True about telemarketers. I hope you're right about STEEM. I can see the potential for a bounce back, but there's a lot of competition now. Some good coins in the top 100.

I agree there are a lot of good coins in the top 100. However, just like having too many good companies on a stock exchange, having too many good coins is going to be great. It was sort of embarassing when you couldn't get much past the top 20 without running into coins that had no history or information. It is becoming much harder to get into the top 100 now and this is good.

However, it could also mean bad news for Steem and I am certainly biased towards supporting Steem.

Sadly, since I got involved in Steem, I've had less time to study alts. So I just stick with coins that are at least 2 years old and usually 3 to 5 years old.

Yeah, good points. It should be hard to break into the top 100, and especially the top 20.

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Congratulations! What a mile marker!!! I actually just turned over Dolphin not long ago, and let me tell you, it was a painful journey. Okay, not painful, but, I did it the old fashioned way.

I didn't do bid bots or buy in frankly because I felt like I wouldn't care if it all went away because all I had was time invested. Well, the first thing I did after I became a dolphin was to buy a couple of hundred steem! May I just say that I should have done that sooner???


Well, long story short, I had no idea I would love this place so much. It has changed, but, I am not unhappy with the changes. Just things like commenting two days later on a post. Is it worth it? Probably not, but, I did want to congratulate you as it is going to be a hard journey earning it now. But, hey!! You can't buy this kind of fun, am I right? :)


Dolphin level without buying is very tough. I remember reading you mentioning this.
Glad to hear you did buy some. I feel that is the best way to show support since it definitely creates a demand for Steem. Other activities creates indirect value.
I feel I can also reward people's posts more now as the value was getting quite low and the amount of content I like quite a lot.

You see! I agree with that philosophy! I just couldn't justify it before. Now, I love to tip and upvote, although, to be honest, my upvote is still small, despite my SP. I guess everyone's is.

But, I am waiting to see if it will go down a little more and buy more. I do believe it Steem and I definitely will be trying to grow in it.

Thank you! Have a great night!

I actually really like your tipping idea as it preserves vp while decently rewarding your following. Tipu is a good one too as they don't send a massive advertisement and it's value isn't 0.0000001 steem or something.

Congrats, @abitcoinskeptic!!

Thanks. I knew with the help of Binance I could eventually get there.

That's wonderful. I hope myself can be there one day

Thanks. I recommend you join some leagues that help dedicated bloggers as this can really help people out who are just starting off.

Thanks I’ll try it out, can you recommend any?

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Redfish support or plankton support is for you. However, you may have to explain your low rep and acknowledge how that happened.

I have to agree with you @abitcoinskeptic, i have been gone for a while and am happy to be back with all the possitive changes. I fell victom to the use of bidbots and ended up hanging myself on the Steem Network...

Buying Steem is probably the best crypto investment at this srage and will most definitely be more rewarding than before. #NewSteem now offers an equal opportunity for all to grow...

Bidbots were a neat side effect of delegations combined with a general distaste for downvoting since it was a waste of curation rewards and coting power. However, it gave the impression that Syeem was rigged. With ROI around 10% it took a huge bid to make any meaningful return. No one wants to see people buy their way to trending. The effect is a normal trending page and more rewards for everyone.

I agree, it's a great investment now. It's still 2x its all time low which is more than 95% of crypto.

Awesome, yeah because one day you get major upvotes, the next nothing. Worst of all, no one ends up reading the content all in a rush to earn curation rewards or a quick buck.

Our US tax id number is 95-4604782

I like the environment but I dislike unsolicited advertising. I'm not going to watch your video.
You should also avoid writing comments without any context.

#newsteem has really given the economic impetus for some decent changes in behaviour... I'm curious to see how it lasts and turns out, after all, it is a new game for some people... and in time, the exploits might show up. Anyway, until then... it is a remarkable change!

I'm plugging away to reach dolphin, congrats on the double dolphin achievement (Double Dragon....)

I also question how long it will last, as some are dividing and reducing their stake or already gaming curation.

I've noticed a disturbing trend of people offering a service or a charity while thinking this somehow deserves more rewards than taking pictures of your cat (the community decides, not the author).

It will take more work for less reward than before for the people only interedted in income without quality.

It's going to be good for creative bloggers with reasonable expectations for the time being.

Thanks for the encouragement and making my Steem experience more enjoyable. I think ultimately if people like it, this will be best. Hope you get to dolphin soon.

Virtue signalling... it's the best form of self service....Sigh... hopefully this sort of thing is outweighed by the good things that the new system introduced.

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Congratulations! :-)

I also, vote for @gtg's thing but that's not really a proposal and I'll unvote it if I find it's blocking stuff I really like.

That's exactly what it is for:
Vote for all you like + return proposal. Then when things settle down, unvote return proposal so ideally, all proposals you like are above it, and all others are below it. :-)

Actually, it wasn't until I saw it in action that I understood it. SPS isn't a gofundme thing and if it is abused, it will demonstrate that it is autonomous, but also make Steem look bad.

What explains the end of bidbots? I followed HF20 in detail, but after that I kind of gave up. I read a bit about HF21, but in the end I believe that the rules need to be set up to reward truly high quality content and curation of that content. So I upvote what I like, and when I post I go for as high quality as possible. If the rules don't reward that behavior, then I figure the rules are broken, but in no way should we have to worry about rules--we should just be doing what is right, which is to focus on quality.

The rules are still you can vote for whoever you want for whatever reason you want.

After HF21, You can now give 2.5 (250%) full downvotes each date without using the voting power usually saved for upvotes.

This means we are able to become the opinion police without losing curation or using voting power. A lot of people have an opinion that they will downvote bidbot abuse. What is considered abuse varies.

Some people consider anything above 2x your organic reward as abuse. That means if your organic reward is 2sbd, you can only bid up to 2sbd more without inviting downvotes. Orthers say 10x, and others say no bidbots whatsoever

Bidding is downvoted especially on junk.

What is junk? One mans trash is another man's treasure. Personally I would avoid bidding on anything that takes less than an hour to produce.

In my case I am just going to stop bidding fot now since my average rewards have actually increased from an ROI perspective.

Congratulations!!!! That's a very large number that I would dream of for now... Hehe

A well rounded overview on the #newsteem setup, thoroughly enjoyed your insights and definitely found some nice ideas to tinker around @abitcoinskeptic

Never used bots nor upvoted myself, voting on comments I too had to stop for same reasons, now to relook at delegation, rethink this curation method many are now discussing as a fair way of supporting each other.

Congrats on achieving your goals.

Good to hear you never used bots or selfvoted. I selfvote because if I don't value my stuff, who should?
I've stopped vote-buying and trading and barely delegate. I don't think there is anything wrong with delegating, it's just no longer something I want to do much of.

One thing I've been doing is supporting a lot more initiatives, I give auto-votes to curation posts from things like theluvbug, steemitbloggers, ocd, qurator, etc. to help them out.

I've set up an auto vote now to follow curators I really like. It's a little technically challenging and I plan to write about it after I've mastered it.

Sometimes I even manually curate their suggestions when I have time.

Trading becomes too much in a day, best to find and support tokens/coins where I feel the project/community are there for the good of everyone. Too many jumping on-board in the vein hopes of making money.

Much like you I support certain communities with visiting and auto-votes in case I miss them, one day I may find time to curate, today is not that time still too busy with daily life within the home.

Double Dolphin! Congrats @abitcoinskeptic.

Thanks for your thoughts after the HF. It does seem like a great time to buy steem.

Thanks. My thoughts exactly and if I see more positive signs, I may continue to increase my stake.

Well done! ❤️😍😎

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Thank you. Been itching to get to 5 digits for awhile.

Ah hell ya congrats dood!

I agree with your points and am inspired by your aggressive action. It will pay off huge for you and reward the folks you generously support.

I wish I could do the same but I am stuck pouring my limited fiat into a family vacation, braced and my new digital marketing business.

Here is hoping efforts pay off in some great cash and I can invest before it skyrockets again.

Congrats double dolphin!

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I hope you have a nice family vacation and your business goes well. We all have lots of things to do with our momey. The idea is to use it well. It's been awhile simce I bought Steem.

Congrats on reaching double dolphin!! This whole curation thing is really an art, takes a bit of time to get the balamce right in order to maximise your rewards, I'm still tweaking mine

Thank you. I guess the next goal is triple, but maybe I'll leave that celebration for SMTs.
I've always had difficulty with curation. I guess now that it is 50% everyone should consider it, especially when they have a decent stake.

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I have a lot to learn from you. Basically I don't have much time to keep track of many things. So I just let it be as it is.

New Steem indeed set out a new breathe in the air for Steem. Somehow feel everything is set anew and new things are going to be great. We have hope.

Steem does have a high learning curve. The key to doing well is to blog well or learn Steem well.

We definitely have a lot of hope these days since we are seeing improvements so rapidly.

well congrats!

Thanks. I'm looking for an update on your blog. Dying to hear about how your garden ended up this year.

I like your positive attitude @abitcoinskeptic! We all need to continue posting quality content, the votes and Steem value will follow! Congrats on the 10k Wow! Quite an achievement :)

Thanks! Your advice is spot on. I'll add engage with your readers to that =)

Congratulation....first step to take Steem to moon after the steep downfall

Thanks. I agree buying Steem is the best way to increase the price.

Congratulations @abitcoinskeptic
It's definitely not easy to achieve what you are at now.
And I agree it does take a lot of work but its also the fruits of knowledge that we gain. This cannot be bought with money.

I find the more Steem I have the more I want to study and use Steem. I worry that if I get too much Steem I won't be able to back off. Actually, I have decided to stop writing daily because it was just taking too much of my time.

I understand what you mean.. about writing daily and taking too much time.
Each post isn't just a few minutes but it's the thoughts put in plus the animation and other things needed to do in order to have a good post.
If I'm in a mood, I will write it down and store it till I feel it's the right time to post it.

Brilliant stuff @abitcoinskeptic

We definitely need the feel good factor to help steem take off.

Congratulations on hitting 10k. That is impressive and sets you up nicely for the future.

I am hoping that newsteem will make the growth of our contest @phctop3 even better. All our delegators get upvoted from our account on a daily basis, plus, the way the contest is set up, everyone upvotes everyone else. Fingers crossed.

Thanks for all the great information that you have written.


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Thanks so much. I haven't been participating much in phc contests (nothing against it contest just usually aren't my thing), however, I just followed the account and I will be sure to vote its posts at least once or twice a week to help with the rewards a little.

congratulations:D Nice to hear some positive about steem even though im not that bullish on steem myself.
We will seee, i hope your investments will be worth it.

Thank you.
To be honest, I'm not entirely bullish on Steem short term, it's just at a price I'm comfortable buying and the recent development was positive. However, longterm I'm very bullish, especially when SMTs come out and more people are onboarded.

~Smartsteem Curation Team

Thank you!

Congratulations, I am looking to increase my SP too, that will be the best way to help and generate good recompacts for healing.

Thanks! I think you have a good idea. Just don't wait too long or maybe the price will be too high.

Well done and well written @abitcoinskeptic
I have never touched a bot, as I am just a simple charity man.
Although in saying this, I can somehow hold my own.
We hope that the future of steem is as you described it!
Blessings Mr. Double Dolphin

Thanks a lot.
I respect people who've never used bots. I never hid the fact that I used them and for the most part I used OCDB which leaves a comment mentioning that it was used on every post.

Don't worry about using it. I can never judge anybody, and some of my friends also use OCDB so it is not a problem for me.
I respect you and will never criticize your decisions my friend.
Hope you have a good weekend.

Well, you inspired me to just buy another couple of thousand steem to make it above that 10k SP threshold. Bought around 7k STEEM this past month in and around the lows of between £0.13-£0.14 per steem. Never seen it this low since I've been on the platform and it does feel pretty bad ass when I got the "dolphin" approval from steemitboard!

Double dolphin does sound pretty cool as well, looking forward to making use of the stake! I've been in the same boat as you, not sure about delegating, do I, don't I? But ultimately, it is your own stake, do as you want with it.

I think it's vastly under valued personally and now that the bid bot economy seems to be over, there's hope for everyone to get involved in the new web 3.0. Other platforms have come and gone, offered ICOs that never materialised, lead to false promises or broken platforms that just turned out to be hobbies.

The community, development and now the communication is stronger than it has been over the last 18 months since I have been on here so I'm positively buoyant after being despondent with what I was seeing unfold on trending.

Cheers to the #roadtoorcadom my friend!

Wow! 7000 in a month is amazing. I bought a lot last November through January when it was between 22~30 cents thinking I was getting a great deal.
Your cost average must have really improved. You also now have enough influence to get more attention for your great work.

I think the ICO boom definitely played out. Currencies that have established themselves as durable will be expanded. When the alts go up and Steem starts getting noticed as a crypto that has been around over 3 years and Steemit is making money and no longer selling Steem and SMTs come, it will be great. It is so much better than it was when it was worth over 5 USD.

It is easy to speculate what it would be like to get back to where Steem was. 5 USD would mean we have 50,000 $ accounts and our upvotes are worth 33X or like $3.33 for a full vote! It would actually be possible to start helping people at that point.

Yea just looking back at how much I bought in what time frame and did it in big chunks, somewhere between 12.8p and 13.8p per STEEM so up a bit and down a bit. Never bought any before this point and it's the cheapest I've seen it for a while. I just didn't have a job with a decent enough salary (and I was travelling so needed the money for that) but now.... mwhahaha helloooooo disposable income lol!

The fact Steem has lasted 3 years through a brutal and extended bear market has given me a lot of confidence when other projects turned to dust, stopped communicating, lost their place on exchanges or became hobbies. It's easy to sing from the rooftops when everything is booming, how is your stomach when it's at the low?

I'm probably not going to stop buying if the prices stay at this price, I just budget an amount per month but my immediate target was to get to 10k, now I've done that, I'll probably average a lot more and just chip away £50 per week and see how it goes.

My drive is to help others that contribute, make the effort with their posts I come across and make a difference to someone's life... well, as many as possible. And the model steem has means you also grow by doing it as well, it's a brilliant set-up, let's see how it goes up til the next hard fork when SMTs hopefully come along around end of Q1!

Hey, that's a great milestone! Congratulations!

The last I looked earlier today and Steem was up close to 2 cents since the last time I bought it. Definitely upward movement!

I don't vote on comments anymore either. But I do like to comment and at least engage with a positive "Hell ya!"

The slight rise was nice. However, I think I didn't get the full 2 cents and more like 1.25. I like to look at long term trends especially since I powered up and it would take 13 weeks to recover the powered up Steem.

I will vote on comments from my supporters who rarely post or exceptional comments or if I want to get it to the top because it is interesting.

Howdy sir abitcoinskeptic! Great post and very encouraging, I hope you're right about the price and I think you are!

Thanks. The price has held relatively steady all week since I wrote that blog. I think it is worth mentioning that any price rise will be long term.
Some people are posting Google trends for search like Steem which are increasing or adding up the use of all sites which interact with Steem (ie. Steemit + Steempeak + Steemworld, etc) in both cases it seems interest is slowing increasing which is always a good sign.

I agree sir abitcoinskeptic, I think the long term viability of the Steem blockchain is very good!


That is a great achievement. I really respect those of you that have bought steem. I honestly have not bought in with fiat. However, some of the money that I sold out with, I am slowly buying steem back. In fact the last 2 times it ran to 18 I got sucked in thinking this is the move lol.

So right now it seems to have stopped dropping. This seems like a good area to buy. My main concern right now is the competition that will come from EOS Voice.

Again, well done. Wishing us all a bright future.

I haven't heard about EOS voice for awhile, but I'm sure they are studying Steem carefully. However, I do think that platform is going to be quite different. The organic nature of Steem appeals to me. Voice may end up too polished and restrictive.

I have no problem with people who've never bought Steem with FIAT, but when they think that somehow gives them more authority or credibility, I really wonder. Actually, it's more common with the pay2win model in games where you buy loot boxes and probably imported from there.

Congrats on 10k, smart move. I'll go upvote a current post for good luck!

Thanks. I hope it brought you excellent luck!