buying and doing power ups is the best way to support steem

11 months ago
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Buy and continue to increase the power of steem, is the best way to support the current steem. I think there is no other way to support Steem other than buying and doing power ups. but it requires enthusiasm and a great love for steem in order to always save and not sell it.

the spud program is amazing. because it has a great influence on steem. the proof is when the 6th spud occurred on October 1 this month, tens of thousands of steams were made into strength. and the impact of that, now the price of steem for the better. I believe this is the influence of the spud.

besides being able to support steem, we all also have the opportunity to get great prizes. many prizes are available for participating users. and spud has happened 6 times. the 7th spud will occur on November 1. I think you all know about Spud. and for those of you who don't know it yet, I'll explain it again.

spud is short for steem power up day. This is a brilliant initiative from @streetstyle and is supported by @xpilar. The spud is held every month on the 1st. It means, on the 1st you do power up for the steem you have.


I plan to do power ups with a total of 500 steem on November 1. I currently have 188 steem. I hope I can reach 500 steem on November 1. back again to the discussion of spud.

to participate in the spud, has several requirements. You must write a post about Spud before the 1st date. You also may not sell steem on November 1st. And you can't turn off the power of steem on November 1. You must have a reputation below 69, and above 42. You must also have a steem strength above 150 and below 7501.

Those are some of the requirements for participating in a spud. I hope there will be more people participating in the 7th spud. and hopefully steem gets better.