Create Your Own WORD CLOUD- Get A Glimpse Inside Your Mind!

1 year ago
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So while browsing the interwebs last night I stumbled upon this really cool site Click Here where you can enter any Steem account name and it will create a word cloud of the most common words you used in recent posts and then display them in a fun and creative way.

I had fun entering a bunch of people's names just to see what they were thinking or doing on their blog posts. It is quite interesting what you'll find out about your friends and many of the popular Steemians around here.

This is what my word cloud looked like:


As you can see I probably says STEEM more than anything else in my posts. I also talk a lot about price and markets, people, Bitcoin, and other financial terms.

I guess you could say that I have money on my mind :)!

Try out your friend's accounts and see what they have all been up to and what they are thinking. This is the word cloud for @jonyoudyer, one of my best friends here on Steemit:


Since he is a grower you can see that he is always talking about growing terms and ideas. Cannabis is his number one word so I guess you could say he is a pothead :P There is also a huge STEEM in there!

The Steem Reports site has plenty of other data tools to track and categorize information- In their words they help you make sense of the Steem blockchain.