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         Darn, and I was going to write a post about that nifty little Minecraft torch I have. Then, @ned strikes back. It's like a bad Star Wars parody. I'll still write that post, but you get to read this garbage first.

         Well, the last several days proved itself to be a twist of fate. Then again, many of us heard of the Tron rumors since before the Holidays. I guess they finally announced it after the "leak" of information.

         Emotions are high and some have panicked in terms of what to expect from Justin Sun. But, what does it mean to a layman like you and me?

Most likely not much.

To a small stakeholder

         What do you have to lose? You will likely post stuff over on Tron's incompatible clone of Steem. Whether or not you'll make as much is another story. You could skip the token swap and you wouldn't have missed much.

         In fact, if you are so dead set on swapping, you might as well sell for TRX right now. Tron team seems to be planning on airdropping their Tron-STEEM. So, it might not be a bad idea if you are so inclined to jump ship.

Excerpt from Tron Foundation

To a large stakeholder

         No financial advice, but pay attention to what some of the larger wallets are doing. You could more than likely infer their stance about staying or migrating.

         Without causing any panic, this was a tweet from the @tronlinkwallet account. This tweet is no longer available. Neither is that quote from Medium for that matter. I bet they took it down after some terrible statements about how STEEM is an EOS token.


To projects and those relying on delegations

         I guess they should be sweating right now. There is no guarantee that they will have anything as assimilation continues. Yeah, think about farms dapps like @steemhunt, @tasteem, etc.

         It's a shame they would actually have to provide value from this point on if they choose to migrate over to Tron. Not like I have ever seen anything resembling useful reviews save from a few users. But hey, I digress.

         I suppose @steemcleaners might be obsolete soon. I'm sure there are those on Tron that oversee what is acceptable.

To those who hold certain ideals

         Tron takeover is a bad thing, more likely than not. At end of the day, though, it's not like Steem wasn't centralized. Those in charge and the community had squandered several chances to decentralize. Now, the time and opportunity has passed.

         Will CCP have eyes on the chain as a result? It's anyone's guess. Remember that even CZ of Binance moved his headquarters out of China when he could.


It doesn't matter to most normal end users.

         It's another day with a different management. None of the censorship, free speech, etc. matters to most of you. Why? Because most of the stuff you do don't pose problems to those who are watching.

         Chances are, Justin will make his new amalgamate successful. Your wallets might be worth more than it is right now. Or they might not because TRX holders will get a share of those swaps. It'd be free money for them at your expense.

         Project leaders can choose to cash in on that acceleration fund, if they are worthy. How much that would be is anyone's guess. Imagine how much less upvoting clicking you'd have to do from hereon.

         For those who want to fight to keep this Steem the Steem that will be on the exchanges, good luck. I'm on board if you could figure out the details for devs, resources, and exchanges.

         Otherwise, my STEEM will have to go somewhere. At this time, exchanging them for TRX or bolster my other crypto positions seem plausible. Could always sit and enjoy the drama I suppose.

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It a bad comedy at present with all these dodgy announcements. Think I'm just going to assume my stack is worth naff all and take it from there.

What's there to feel bad about? It's liberating.

Quite liberating. Now I get to build stake in other projects, and have no hangups about putting additional money into STEEM.


We could even get some TRX if we want to continue this crypto social media stuff.

It will be interesting to see how everything plays out.

Is this what that accelerated power down proposal was all about? Did some people know this was coming?
Too complicated for me.
A sad day if my very nice hobby evaporates.

Who knows.