Just to let you know

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I hope for the best for Steem and its community.
I hope that the witnesses will do what is best for all of us.
I am NOT advocating forking the stake out (even though that might be an option to be considered carefully)

Just to let you know:

If he owns all of STINCs steem accounts now, he could theoretically in 5 days (if he cancelled all delegations) replace all top 20 witnesses with new ones of his choosing...

Accounts controlled by STINC (which I know of, there might be more):

steemit 29M Steem = 57238 MVESTS
steem 11.6M Steem = 22895 MVESTS
misterdelegation 19.3M Steem = 38092 MVESTS

Total: 118225 MVESTS

The No. 1 witness (yabapmatt) has 93620 MVESTS backing him. This means that if he has access to all of STINCs accounts he can vote 20 new top 20 witnesses with his own stake after cancelling all delegations (that takes 5 days)...

Just saying...

The damage to the steem community would be so enormous, that his investment would be worthless, so I am sure that is not what he is going to do.

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All the fears are overblown. Justin came here for the community. Without the community, STEEM/Steemit has zero value. In the process if he tries to suppress Steem blockchain he will just snub the community which kills his main purposes (bring people to his ecosystem). It is a just a simple game theory where he can't move against the Steem community.

All these posts in Medium and other channels are just FUDs and written by people who don't fully understand Steem blockchain.

Even @justinsunsteemit has not grasped the mechanism of Steem blockchain yet, therefore, he is tweeting and deleting

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I am not fearful ;-) Just stating facts. He could if he wanted...

But on the other hand, he cannot get STEEM onto the TRON chain, because witnesses would just fork him out and there is nothing he can do about that.

Looks like we were wrong.

That is scary as hell! 😕🤦‍♀

If it comes to a fork, it will all be over. No exchange will list it. Which means no liquidity and zero value. Also no developing team anymore.

I hope for the best. Resteemed :-)

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