My STEEM Update and Orcafication

1 year ago
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I've finally made orca. Assuming STEEM doesn't go to 1 BTC Whale territory, I will not be buying (or selling for that matter) any STEEM. This is my STEEM ride or die stake.


I've been cruising the trending using this page by @heimindanger: If you are showing up there and the majority of your votes are bid bots, expect to see my downvote. I'm also on the lookout for abuse of the reward pool as well. I think a positive thing about HF21 and the downvote pool, is that it has energized many people to go after protecting the reward pool.

If are interested in supporting that effort, drop into the discord for @steemflagrewards. There are other ways you can help, even if downvoting isn't your thing.

50/50 Delegation

For my every other 50 SP delegations, I chose @steemchiller for his great work on Steemworld, @steem-ua for their Algorithmic Curation & Upvoting Program, using UA data, and @dustbunny for helping to upvote comments below the payout threshold.

Self-upvote Countdown

Now that I've hit my STEEM target, I'll be accelerating my self-upvote countdown so I can use my SP for curation. I'm thinking of dropping every other post until it hits 1%. Then I will just upvote myself 1% out of pure narcissism.

Personal Delegations

I delegated a little SP to two blogs from the beginning that I thought had a lot of potential, @theartofori and @justinparke. I'm happy to say that @theartofori blew past Minnow, and is well on his way do Dolphin. @justinparke is off to a great start with his blog and is already halfway to Minnow. You should consider following both of these blogs and giving them your support.


I still have @steempatron following people on STEEM with large followings on traditional social media, and am upvoting them with 2600 of my SP, along with 100 SP from @novacadian. Please consider following this account or its curation trail, and engaging with its follow list, because I still feel this is a great avenue for getting exposure to STEEM. Many of these content creators have traditionally had low engagement on STEEM.

Thanks for viewing!