So many beautiful things are about to happen on Steem the following months...focus on that.

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Have you even found yourself in a position where you start doubting your very own decisions? And since this is going to be a Steem related post (surprise-surprise) let's talk about your Steem decisions. A few minutes ago from a random resteem I came across @lordbutterfly's post.

More or less, he was sharing his thoughts regarding the current market situation and some solid reasons why it would be in one's best interest to stick around with Steem and be as active as possible. Do I need to remind everyone that I am really optimistic regarding Steem's future?

Probably not, because you must have read it like 1000 times through my posts. Yet, I see doubters everywhere. And those doubters have stopped posting long ago...lurk everywhere and make sure that they drop bitter comments here and there focusing on all the flaws - which happen to be many, I know -, yet they usually don't provide any kind of solution...just an endless rant about flags...about whales...about witnesses...about ninja minted stakes...

What's more interesting about them, is that many of them are holding significant amounts of SP...It seems to me that they've regretted being invested in way or another.

I am more excited than ever before...

FFS...let's move on, shall we?

I don't really know many projects out there backed by such a hardcore community. Yeah, I am talking about Steem community in case you are wondering....A community that attended to every Steemfest regardless where the price of Steem was sitting. It didn't matter to them whether the price was at 8$ or at 0.14$. They simply traveled all over the globe just to be there and be informed about the future plans, the vision and to create stronger bonds with all those who keep being active.

As a matter of fact I don't really know if there are annual events such as Steemfest for IOTA holders...TEZOS holders...COSMOS holders and so on and on...

Many people suggest that we are in a 2 year long bear market. Are we? Have you ever considered the fact that this might be the normal market? And even if it's not, you should all be thankful because unless there was this massive drop in prices you would probably possess 1/3 of the Steem stake you are currently holding.

The ones that don't care about the current price but their only concern is to produce something of decent quality to the rest of the users in order to attract new followers thus more upvotes, are on the right track. Because there are a few others who don't have the time to produce anything but are looking to curate what those who fall into the first group are producing. The are on the right track as well.

And that's exactly what we need right now. Whining all day long why Steem's price isn't at 2$ - 3$ ain't gonna change a thing...and we don't need that negativity all over the place.

What we really need is solutions...and effort...and trust me, the price will follow. In terms of investment, my steem investment is down by...a lot. I haven't really calculated who much since my entry point at buying with FIAT money was when Steem was at 1.6$

Instead I purchased more and more as the price declined. So many beautiful things are about to happen in Steem the following know pretty damn well what I am talking about....try to focus on that...

Have a great one people.
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